PSG Handball celebrate French Super Cup trophy

PSG Handball won the first trophy in the new season “Trophe des Champions” against Saint Raphael 29:27 (14:13). Hansen, Karabatic (got injured) and Co. had tough job to overplay the guys from the Coast, but at the end, Zvonimir Noka Serdarusic and his boys did the job in the way they wanted…PSG HANDBALL – SAINT RAPHAËL VAR HANDBALL 29:27 (14:13)PSG Handball : Omeyer (13 saves, 33%), Annonay (0/1 pén); Melic, Mollgaard (1/3), Vori (0/2), Kounkoud (4/4), Barachet (1/7), Gunnarsson (0/0), L. Karabatic (5/5), Hansen (11/19 dont 7/7 pén), Narcisse (4/5), Onufryienko (0/3), Honrubia (0/1), N. Karabatic (3/5)Saint Raphaël VHB : Djukanovic (8 saves, 277%), Popescu (4 saves, 33%); Krantz, Atlason (2/6), Simicu (6/12), Lyngaard (5/8), Jurka (1/2) Caucheteux (9/10 dont 5/5 pén), Garain, Stehlik (0/1), Vigneron (1/2), Di Panda (3/8), Djeric, HmamPHOTO: PSG HandballLNH TDC 2015 Finale Paris St Raphael by LNH PSG Handballsaint raphael ← Previous Story Kadetten Schaffhausen win Swiss Super Cup! Next Story → SEHA GAZPROM SUNDAY: PPD Zagreb beat Meshkov in Brest! read more

Recalled by JBM and retiring from Cork in 2012 – Seán Óg

first_imgI BROODED THROUGH 2011. Denis had said dropping me was a hurling decision, but I didn’t buy that. I believed there was more to his decision than my on-field displays, particularly when I was the only one dropped.Cork didn’t do well in 2011 and the board didn’t want to continue with Denis. Names started to float around as possible replacements, including Jimmy Barry-Murphy’s, and around mid-August he gave me a call.That was out of the blue. Since he’d stepped down in 2000, we’d have rarely met or spoken. He wanted to meet for lunch and a chat, so we met in the Commons Bar with a mutual friend of ours, Mick Higgins. Not the most private of places, in retrospect, particularly when his name was floating around as Cork senior manager, but we had our sandwich and our soup and he got down to it.‘What exactly happened with you and Denis?’ was his first question. I told him, and his answer was, ‘That was wrong. Jeez, I feel partly responsible because I was on the committee that appointed him.’He went on to say that he hadn’t been offered the job of Cork hurling manager – that he hadn’t applied for it – but he asked if I’d still be interested in going back playing for Cork if approached.I said I would, but that I’d come back only if the set-up was good. In particular I pointed out that the physical trainer would be a crucial appointment. He said fine, and that was that.New BossThe board waited another few weeks before announcing Jimmy’s appointment. A couple of weeks after that, in early October, I got another call from him.‘Just following up on our talk in August,’ he said. ‘I’m just conscious your views might have changed. What do you think?’I said I was still interested, and we agreed I’d call out to his house that Friday. He brought me to his study, out the back. He said he was delighted that I was still interested in playing for Cork.Jimmy said there were no guarantees but that I’d be on the extended training squad for the winter ahead. They’d carry up to forty players and cut it down in the new year.Celebrating Cork’s All-Ireland final win in 1999Pic: INPHO/Tom Honan TrainingOur first session was a fitness test, the October Bank Holiday weekend. We trained out on the pitch in CIT the following Tuesday, endurance work, and we didn’t touch a hurley until Christmas.Training was hard: two gym sessions, two endurance sessions and then, on a Saturday, a hill-running session in the old quarry out in Beaumont, a walking path at an angle that would test you when you ran it.The running sessions were competitive and I was struggling to keep pace with the top group, which consisted of Cathal Naughton, Damien Cahalane, Christopher Joyce, Billy Joyce and Daniel Kearney. Cathal Naughton has got to be one of the greatest athletes I’ve trained with. A running machine.The player rep system that had come in with Dónal O’Grady was still in place and, after one meeting of the player reps, Dónal Óg said to me, ‘Jimmy is delighted with you, he’s saying you’ve exceeded his expectations.’ After Christmas I played in challenge games and was named in the league panel.Having played most of the pre-season games and all of the National League games at either half-back or midfield, I found myself out of contention come the championship.I was naturally disappointed at not making the starting fifteen. What would have been nice was some communication from the management team, an explanation of why I was being left out, but none was forthcoming. The only people who made some acknowledgement were Ger Cunningham and Dónal Óg, who said, ‘Hard luck.’The league had ended badly, with Kilkenny destroying us in Thurles, and my relationship with Jimmy had seemed to change after that. Until then he would have been full of jokes and chat, and would often ask me how the body felt. Now, management were keeping their distance from me. I’d been around long enough to know whether one was welcomed or not.Kilkenny Eoin Larkin and Seán Óg Ó hAilpín in action in 2012Pic: INPHO/Ryan ByrneOn the field the year panned out reasonably well, despite losing to Tipperary in the Munster championship: the draw was kind to us at every turn after that.The only conversation I had with Jimmy during the summer was after the Tipp defeat. I didn’t play that day, and towards the end of a midweek weights session down in Páirc Uí Chaoimh he came up to me. I was on my own.‘I can see you’re disappointed,’ he said. ‘I am,’ I said, ‘but I know you have a job to do’. ‘Hang in there,’ he said. ‘I’ll assure you you’ll get a chance. I should have spoken to you before the Tipp game but I never got a chance.’After that conversation I thought the ice had been broken and maybe things were about to improve, but they remained the same. Cork faced Offaly in the qualifiers, and because it was so soon after the Tipp game I didn’t expect to start. But Offaly gave Cork enough of it and when the game was in the balance I felt they’d throw in John (Gardiner) or myself. They didn’t.Towards the closing stages of the game, myself and John were completing our last stint of warm-up, when I turned to him and said, ‘John, read the tea leaves here.’‘I know.’After the game there was no communication, no feedback from management. We drew Wexford, the softest draw we could have got. By that stage I had resigned myself to the fact that I definitely wasn’t part of the management’s plans, and I wondered if it was a huge mistake coming back.Back In ActionThe game went much the same way as the previous day out, with Wexford asking plenty of questions. With ten minutes remaining I was warming up, when Dave Matthews came over to me.‘Get ready, you’re coming on,’ he said. ‘You’re joking,’ I said. I was shocked – I wasn’t expecting to get a run. I got ready and came on for William Egan. We won by a comfortable margin in the end, but Wexford had given us a scare.For the quarter-final, we drew Waterford. In truth by that stage my motivation was waning. Teu and Siobhán were fantastic. They always convinced me to remain patient. Another tower of strength for me was the fourth brother I never had, John Gardiner. His positive attitude towards training and to the panel was exemplary. I learned an awful lot from him during this time.I got my first start of the championship against Waterford. I was anxious to prove a point and what happened? John Mullane ran me ragged in the first half. Christ, was I filthy with myself at the half-time break. ‘After all this, you put in that crap display,’ I thought. ‘Maybe the management were right all along.’If I’d been pulled off at half-time I wouldn’t have had any complaints. Things improved in the second half, and I managed a point late on. John Gardiner came on and made a couple of vital interventions.We’d probably exceeded expectations by getting to an All-Ireland semi-final. Our opponent was Galway. After we had played a promising first half, they took control in the second half and were too strong for us in the end.Afterwards I don’t recall any big speeches from management, though Galway manager Anthony Cunningham came in and was very humble, very articulate in his commiserations. Seán Óg Ó hAilpín wins a high ball against Galway.Pic: INPHO/Colm O’NeillThere’s grub for the players after those games in a lounge on the fourth floor of the Hogan Stand, and I was last into it as usual. But there was a different reason this time: I sensed it was my last time in a dressing-room in Croke Park. I knew the management team was in place for another couple of years and I certainly wasn’t going to figure.Niall Mac, my old mate in dawdling in dressing-rooms, was there as well. I didn’t know it at the time, but Niall was thinking of travelling, and would head off soon for Asia, so he was in a reflective mood as well.We had a chat about the great days we’d experienced in this very dressing-room and we wondered, would we see the good days again. Then he headed off, and I was on my own. The steward who was assigned to the dressing-room for the duration of the game popped his head in. I gave him a sliotar. You’d get to know those guys from going up there, very decent guys, and he asked if everything was okay. ‘Grand,’ I said, and headed up to join the team.When I came out of the dressing-room there were kids from Glenariff, in the Glens of Antrim, looking for signatures and photos to be taken. I was chatting to them for a while and then a journalist caught me for a few words. I was asked about the future and I said I’d have to think about it over the winter.Dr Con, who had come down from the players’ lounge, spotted me, and after I finished he warned me not to make any snap decisions. He said, ‘You’ve a lot to offer. Don’t do anything rash.’Journeys home after a defeat are always long and this one must have been the longest. I knew that today was my last day in a Cork shirt, but equally knew I was still good enough to play on.By the time the bus let us off at the Rochestown Park Hotel, I was steering more towards taking the Doc’s advice to hang in there. I didn’t hear anything until I got a phone call from Dónal Óg in late October. Dónal Óg had ruptured his Achilles tendon in the spring and missed the whole playing season as a result. He was keen to get back.‘I’m meeting Jimmy tomorrow,’ he said. ‘I don’t have a good feeling about this one. My instinct is that it’s bad news.’ I’d had no contact with the management, so I didn’t know the lie of the land. But it would never have occurred to me they’d want to . . .‘Get rid of you? I wouldn’t think so.’ ‘As soon as I’m finished the meeting, I’ll ring you,’ he said. He called me the next day around twelve. ‘How’d the meeting go?’ ‘Bad.’ He said Jimmy had taken the captaincy off him and that he wouldn’t be the number-one keeper next season. It was a huge blow for him.Dónal Óg also said that myself and John would be getting phone calls from Jimmy and to brace ourselves because it wasn’t going to be good news. We weren’t surprised, given the way we’d been blanked all summer.Cork’s Donal Og CusackPic: INPHO/Cathal NoonanI was in all-too-familiar territory now, having gone through this before with Denis Walsh. Jimmy rang me – the same day I spoke to Dónal Óg on the phone – and said he wanted to meet as soon as possible. I asked why, and he said he wanted to discuss next year.We arranged to meet up in the car park of the Kingsley Hotel on a Friday night. He hopped into my car, we had some small talk, and then we got to business.‘What are your intentions for next year?’ he said. ‘I’ve been thinking about it,’ I said. ‘But I want to hear your plans first.’‘Look, the management team sat down recently. Realistically we’re not going to win anything for the next two to three years, so we’re going to go a new direction next year and throw our full lot with youth, be it good, bad or indifferent.‘We’re going to work with these guys for the next few years. We don’t know if you’ll be still playing around then. We don’t see a place for you there.’‘A place on the team or the panel?’‘The panel,’ he said. ‘Look, we saw the frustration on your face during the summer when you weren’t making the first fifteen.’I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t anyone who was serious about high-performance sport be unhappy? I told Jimmy that I was very grateful for the opportunity he gave me to come back, but I hadn’t come back to sit on the bench.I asked him two questions. Firstly, I asked him to rate my year. Glowing report from Jimmy: ‘I couldn’t have asked for any more from you in training, you played well in the games that you played and you bailed us out towards the end of the year when other guys were struggling for form.’‘Name a half-back that’s better at the moment, then?’ He couldn’t name anyone, but with the youth policy they were undertaking, he was hoping ‘someone might come up trumps next year,’ he said.I said that that was the one reason I felt I should be around – I felt I could offer something to the younger guys coming up. But he was having none of it, and kept going on about his ‘youth policy’.That was curtains for me. I had well and truly played my last game for Cork. I said, ‘Thanks for your time,’ and he hopped out.I wasn’t as gutted as I had been two years previously, but I was still gutted. On the trip home I kept thinking that if I’d known it was going to end like this, I would have stayed happily retired. I felt Jimmy had called it wrong.I’m alive to my own inconsistencies. I was the one bidding a mental farewell to Croke Park in August, then getting thick that I was being jettisoned two months later in October. But any athlete, any competitor, will want to continue. I’m no different.I’m also able to hold my hand up when I’m wrong. As I write, the Cork team that Jimmy has assembled through his ‘youth policy’ are counting down the days to an All-Ireland hurling final with Clare, a final pairing few people would have predicted when the two teams met in a league relegation playoff in April.On that basis Jimmy could say he was justified, certainly, in cutting me adrift. It’s a results business and the team he picked got the results for him. I’m a competitor and I’d love to have taken that journey with them. I’m also a proud Cork man and I salute them: Corcaigh Abu.Myself and Siobhán were going to New York the week after the conversation in my car with Jimmy. I didn’t want to create a big stir about packing it in. I went to the GPA, gave my statement to Siobhán Earley in the office there and told her to release it when I was in the air en route to JFK.In New York we visited a friend of ours, Phil O’Shea, who comes over every summer. His wife Elizabeth gave us a great dinner and I told him I’d retired and he came back with his news – he’d retired from the NYPD as well.‘Now, two retirements,’ he said. ‘What are they gonna do without us?’My mobile doesn’t accept calls or messages abroad, thank God, so we had a great holiday. When I came back and switched it on, it nearly melted down with the volume of texts and voicemails, but that was immaterial. I was an ex-intercounty player and, strange as it may sound, a relieved one at that. I was finally at peace – no more dramas, no more disappointments and no more false dawns.**********Seán Óg Ó hAilpín: The Autobiography is published by Penguin Ireland. More details can be found hereBeing dropped from Cork panel by Denis Walsh in 2010 – Seán Óg book extract4 from 1999 All-Ireland final team named as new Cork football selectors1999 All-Ireland winning captain Landers to coach Cork minorslast_img read more

Nick Leeson Positive talk sounds hollow in the corridors of power

first_imgTHERE IS A lot of optimism around at the moment.In the main centres of population, property prices are starting to rise; in Dublin the year-on-year growth is even starting to rival that of the pre-global financial crisis era. In Dublin, Galway and other main cities around the country, there is a certain amount of construction work underway; the Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index has also shown the largest increase in eight years.The auction rooms in those cities are also starting to fill up but that appears to be the extent of the positivity.Forget the fundamentals that can be equally easily presented in a positive or negative manner, depending on who is speaking. The government should be made more aware of the people that austerity is really affecting.I don’t want to appear like the Grim Reaper or the Scrooge that stole Christmas but when things start to look good, it’s the time to be even more cautious than before. After all, it was all that positive ‘Narnia’ talk that got us here in the first place.The nation’s banks are little more than glorified debt collectorsThere is no doubt that in the corridors of power, Leinster House and Banking headquarters, things are looking up. The Government is technically exiting the bailout but we’ll still be paying the bill for the next 50 or 60 years.The banks are returning to some form of profitability but are doing very little real banking. There is virtually no lending, other than a few metrics that are cleverly massaged through the media to suggest otherwise. The nation’s banks are little more than glorified debt collectors. I don’t see that changing too much into the future.The summary of all this? Those who ‘have’ are doing quite well and it’s very easy for the media to represent those people. Those who ‘have not’ are being ploughed deeper and deeper into trouble. These people are getting left behind. They are the very same people that are being hit the hardest, both in the pocket and their lives in general.Ask yourself what does Ireland really look like today to you? There is clearly evidence that things are improving for some people but when you step out of those centres of population – and even certain areas of those centres – the story is very different.For every job that is announced, there are several that are lost.The high streets remain largely deserted.The majority of properties outside of regional centres are looking dilapidated.Social unrest is on the increase.Petty theft and burglary is getting out of control.The social costMost strikingly, food poverty has become a very real issue. In modern developed economies, this should never be the situation. I personally find both alarming and frightening that the standard of living has slipped quite so far.The real social cost is astounding. Mental health issues are dominating people’s day to day lives. Just this week again in Galway, two young people – that I know of – have taken their lives, both under the age of thirty. Multiply this out by the number of cities in Ireland and you wouldn’t be far wrong to describe it as an epidemic.Bottom line: if the economy had corrected itself and the powers that run this country and its banks had addressed the problems, principally debt, we could immediately shut the doors of the debt solution company where I work. The fact is that our door is being beaten down with people looking for representation to deal with the banks and negotiate a reduction in their debt levels.They don’t know where to start, are largely overwhelmed and need professional help to relieve themselves of the stress they are facing. Social responsibility doesn’t extend too far when dealing with a bank, they will grind you down and there will be little or no recourse to the consequences.No one deserves to live like this, cancelling health insurance so that they can pay the electricity bill or going without heat so that they can feed the children. These are the better cases. So whilst the politicians and bankers are warming their feet at their open hearth fire in upper class surburbia, the health of the nation is very much at risk.The vast majority of the nation are keeping a positive front trying to deliver a Christmas that their loved ones either wish for or expect. The post-Christmas period will be a worrying period for all but a few.Please always talk about your problems, whatever they may be. It really is the only way to deal with them. Act before you react in a way that puts your health at risk.Nick Leeson is a principal at GDP Partnership and has written Don’t Panic: Understanding Personal Debt, in bookshops and at Leeson: The banks don’t care so we need to look after each other>last_img read more

The British man who made THAT tweet about hurling

first_imgONE OF THE most amusing aspects of hurling’s debut on Sky last week was the sometimes bewildered and often hilarious reactions from many British people on Twitter, as they tuned into the sport for the first time.One particular tweet that gained considerable traction online was from Mike Kay, or @micky220406. Since the tweet was published, it has attracted 1,854 retweets and 1,157 favourites, as well as multiple replies, while Kay has countless new followers and was also trending in Ireland for a period.We spoke with the Manchester-based tweeter earlier this week to ask what it was like to briefly and unwittingly get caught up in the Sky GAA zeitgeist. He says that the tweet in question was intended in a jokey fashion and explains how he feels amazed, more than anything else, by the significant reaction it received.“Obviously I’d heard about [hurling], but it was the first time I sat down and watched it,” he tells “The tweet was very tongue-in-cheek. I did kind of understand what was going on regarding the goalkeeper and I’m quite surprised with the reaction it’s got.”He continues: “I’m still getting people retweeting me today. It was kind of a shock. To me, it was just a throwaway comment, and the reaction was really surprising. On Saturday, my phone went mad with all the retweets and favourites and people asking me different questions and telling me bits about the game. Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet “I’ve read what people have said about the game on Twitter — that it’s all mad and chaotic. But when I look at it, I see a lot of skill in the game. I play cricket, so I know that hitting the ball in the air and trying to catch it can be quite difficult, especially doing it under pressure and one-handed.”Kay says he was particularly impressed with the hurlers themselves, suggesting that they come off favourably compared with certain other athletes, while he believes their amateur status alone will earn them many admirers in Britain.“I found out that it’s an amateur sport, which I didn’t know before, so I’ve a little bit more respect for them for that.“I can understand it can cause some fairly grievous injuries, but they’re doing it for the love of the sport. It’s not all about the money, whereas people watch Premier League football and they’re rolling around if they get touched. They’re getting paid x amount of thousands of pounds a week. I think people are getting away from the [past] football culture.“In reality they should [learn from the hurlers]. But they won’t, will they? Those footballers seem to be in their own little bubble.”center_img Source: James Crombie/INPHO(Kay acknowledges that last week’s Kilkenny-Offaly game was “quite one-sided”)He is consequently optimistic about hurling’s chances of becoming popular in his country, despite the relatively modest viewing figures for its debut on Sky.“I don’t know how big it would get in the UK,” he says. “I understand there are some teams based in the UK, so it’s obviously played over here. I’ll certainly watch it again. It was something new that I’d never seen before. Once you sit down and start watching it, it’s quite exciting. It’s end-to-end stuff. You have [primarily non-British] games like American football and basketball, and they’re quite big in the UK, so I don’t see why hurling couldn’t be.“I watch a lot of sport anyway. I was just kind of flicking through the sports channels. I hadn’t sat down purposely to watch it, but I had seen it advertised during the week. Once I put it on and I watched it for 10-15 minutes, I didn’t turn it off, I just carried on watching it. I’m led to believe it wasn’t the greatest game of hurling — it was quite one-sided. But I still sat there and watched it.”Since its Sky debut, first-time observers have compared hurling with several other sports including hockey and rugby, and Kay believes such similarities make it more accessible to those unfamiliar with it.“It kind of takes little bits out of various different sports. I suppose that’s what attracted me to it as well. I don’t really watch hockey, but I like rugby, cricket, football, and golf”He also recognised Sky presenter Brian Carney from his time playing rugby league with Wigan, but admits he didn’t pay much attention to the post-match analysis because his phone was “going absolutely ballistic”.“My wife said she couldn’t understand how [the tweet] got so big, because she doesn’t find it funny whatsoever. She had a friend that works in Ireland that’s married to an Irish lad and she texted her, and she said her friend found it in the end. And they did find it funny.“I hope people aren’t expecting tweets like this every week, because normally, my timeline is very boring,” he jokes.And as for Gaelic Football?“I’ve heard of it. People have sent messages regarding YouTube. And I’ve watched bits and pieces on there. But again, I don’t know a great deal about the sport. If it’s on telly and I’m in my house, I’ll certainly have a watch.”This article was originally published at 9.15am.Daly names strong team for Dublin’s trip to Wexford>11 British-based tweeters who can’t believe that hurling is a thing>last_img read more

Heres how various postBrexit scenarios could impact the Irish economy

first_img Image: Brian O’Leary via Image: Brian O’Leary via By Hayley Halpin Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 26th 2019, 12:05 AM As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Share8 Tweet Email1 29,250 Views Although these are substantial relative reductions in the level of output over the long-run, it is important to state that the Irish economy will continue to grow in each scenario but that the growth rate will be lower in the context of Brexit.There is more uncertainty about the short-run impact of Brexit, however, as it depends on how smoothly any transition to a new trading arrangement will be, according to the report. Results indicated that by 2020, the level of real output in the Irish economy would be 0.6%, 1.2% and 2.4% lower in the deal, no-deal and disorderly no-deal scenarios, respectively, compared to if the UK remains in the EU. “The impact of each Brexit scenario is considerable and will have negative effects throughout the economy on the household sector, the labour market, firms and the public finances,” lead author of the report Adele Bergin said. “However, the negative impact on Irish output in the long-run in the deal scenario is approximately half that of the no-deal scenario.”  British Prime Minister Theresa May making a statement on Brexit to the House of Commons yesterday Source: House of Commons via PA ImagesIn the deal scenario for purpose of the report, the UK makes an orderly agreed exit from the EU. This involves a transition period to the end of 2020, and a free trade agreement between the UK and the EU-27 being in place thereafter.In the no-deal scenario, the UK exits the EU without a deal but there is an orderly period of adjustment for trade. Ultimately, WTO tariff arrangements will apply to goods trade, there will be non-tariff measures, and services trade will also be negatively impacted.In the disorderly no-deal scenario, the UK exits the EU without a deal and there is an additional disruption to trade in the short-run, above that considered in the no-deal scenario.Employment impactThe results of the report have indicated that employment in Ireland, in the long-run, would be 1.8% lower in a deal scenario, 3.2% lower in a no-deal scenario and 3.4% lower in a disorderly scenario, compared to a situation where the UK stays in the EU. The study estimated the impact of Brexit on the Irish economy by focusing on the impact of trade, incorporating the impact of tariff and non-tariff measures, and the potentially positive impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) diversion in Ireland. The study assessed the impact of lower UK-EU trade on Ireland’s main trading partners and found that it would severely reduce the demand for Irish exports. This report comes after the Central Bank in January published its economic forecast for how Ireland would fare in the event of a no-deal Brexit.Among the most extreme effects of a no-deal Brexit as predicted by Ireland’s financial regulator are an “immediate disruption” in financial markets, higher costs and “further falls” in the value of sterling.The Central Bank said that given that Brexit is “a situation that is without historical precedent”, there is considerable uncertainty around potential Brexit outcomes. This echoes the sentiment within the ESRI report, which noted that “the UK is deeply integrated with the European Union and its decision to exit from this trading block has no parallels in modern history”. The report added:From a macroeconomic modelling perspective this adds to the challenge (or at least the uncertainty, particularly in the short run) of estimating the macroeconomic implications of any future UK arrangement with the EU Member States including Ireland, as there is no past experience or empirical evidence which can be directly relied upon.Today’s report was conducted under the joint Department of Finance, Revenue Commissioners and ESRI research programme on the macroeconomy, taxation and banking.  An articulated lorry crossing the Irish border near Newry Source: Mariusz Smiejek via PA ImagesConcluding the report, the authors noted: “There are both upside and downside risks to these estimates. On the upside, to the extent that businesses have been preparing for Brexit and finding ways of reducing trade exposures, this will help offset some of the negative impact.“On the downside, the impact of Brexit could be more severe, especially in the short-run, if there is a continued period of uncertainty which could impact investment decisions or if there are even larger disruptions to trade.”May’s dealAs noted above, the European Council last week agreed to delay Brexit until 22 May if British MPs back May’s deal this week.If the UK parliament doesn’t vote in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement – a deal it has already overwhelmingly rejected twice – the new deadline would be 12 April and Britain will be expected to indicate a way forward before that date.The UK would then face the choice of participating in the European Parliament elections at the end of May or exiting the European Union without a deal.Britain was due to officially leave the EU this week, on 29 March. May had wanted to delay Brexit until 30 June but welcomed the extension, insisting Brexit will still happen.Some Brexiteers have suggested the delay is part of a wider attempt to stop Britain from leaving the EU. Tuesday 26 Mar 2019, 12:05 AM Short URL THERE WILL BE a negative impact on Ireland’s economy in the long-term as a result of Brexit, a new report by the ESRI and Department of Finance has estimated. Yesterday, the European Commission said it has completed preparations for a no-deal Brexit, noting “it is increasingly likely that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal on 12 April”. The European Council last week agreed to delay Brexit until 22 May if British MPs back May’s deal this week.If the UK parliament doesn’t vote in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement – a deal it has already overwhelmingly rejected twice – the new deadline would be 12 April and Britain will be expected to indicate a way forward before that date.The report released today has focused on three main scenarios post-Brexit – a deal, a no deal and a disorderly no deal, while acknowledging that other outcomes are possible.The report has estimated that GDP in Ireland 10 years after Brexit will be around 2.6% lower in a deal scenario, 4.8% lower in a no-deal scenario and 5% lower in a disorderly no-deal scenario respectively, compared to a situation where the UK stays in the EU. This implies a slower pace of growth with negative consequences throughout the economy. The report noted: 32 Comments Here’s how various post-Brexit scenarios could impact the Irish economy A new ESRI and Department of Finance report has examined what could happen in various scenarios.last_img read more

Norman Cahners The Times of a B2B Giant

first_img Another chart compared ad lineage among industrial publications for the four-year period of 1950 to 1953. Modern Materials Handling saw a 133 percent increase in ad pages over that time, compared with a 35 percent average for all industrial publications. Still, it wasn’t until years later that Cahners’s biggest competitor, McGraw-Hill, wised up to free controlled circulation. The Isle of Data As I read the book, there were many names and incidents I remembered from earlier in my career. More than that, I was reminded of the earlier years of B2B media, before conglomerates and private-equity backing. Most of all, I was reminded yet again of the always fascinating richness and vitality of lives and times that now mostly exist in fading memories or books and old clippings—if their history exists at all. Norman Cahners was anything but a two-dimensional newspaper clipping, and by extension, the same applies to everyone who ever worked for or with him or competed against him. After the war, Cahners and a partner from the Navy launched a magazine, The Palletizer (soon renamed Modern Materials Handling). And it was from that start that what would become Cahners Publishing was launched. There were other B2B publishers around in the middle of the last century, of course. McGraw-Hill dates back to the late 19th Century. But Norman Cahners refined a concept: A niche orientation and controlled distribution to carefully selected names coveted by endemic vendors. The 1968 profile was titled “A Publishing Giant Who Socks It to ‘em,” a nod to the hit sixties comedy show “Laugh In.” In it, Cahners summed up his publishing philosophy: “Keep your eye on the ball! Make sure that each publication is circulated to the right people, and enough of them, and that they read it. Then getting advertising is just a question of documenting those facts.” The “how” was the niche concept, as he never tired of telling his staff (using the less common French pronunciation, neesh). Steve Maas’ fine book, available for purchase here, is a window into a life and era that’s worth spending some time with. In this case it’s Norman Cahners, but it could really be anyone, and any era—times filled with monumental struggles, setbacks and successes. And so we decided we’d excerpt parts of the book. Here’s the first of several parts, describing Norman Cahners’ approach to the “niche concept.” —Tony Silber Cahners saw his magazines as matchmakers. They brought together executives hungry for the latest information on their particular industries or areas of responsibility and advertisers eager to zoom in on their particular customer base. He wanted magazines that were must-reads and must-advertise for their niche. He was also an ambitious person, seeking out bigger challenges and a larger stage than that afforded by pushing pallets and consulting on materials handling. “A publisher was a good thing to be,” [Norman’s brother] Walter said. And to be the publisher of many magazines was even a better thing to be. While it might sound sacrilegious to say this, Norman Cahners probably didn’t have a particular passion for pallets. For him, their appeal was that they provided a simple solution to a complex problem. He wasn’t obsessed with engineering details. His eye then and throughout his career was on the big picture. “He didn’t give a damn about ink and paper,” Walter said. “He knew what the market needed, and he knew how to build it.” Niche, Niche, Niche The expense was well worth it. Not only did this goldmine of data secure advertising accounts, but it also provided revenue through direct marketing and mailing list rentals, Walter said. That his brother had hit upon this efficient way to process data reflected his almost obsessive zeal to build the proverbial better mousetrap, Walter said. “He was easily triggered in pursuing something until its bitter end, until it materialized into a system or plan or machine. He would surround himself with experts,” Walter added. “He would tap people very wisely. He would ask the right questions.”center_img It’s been 14 years since the Cahners name has existed as a business entity in the world of B2B media. (In 2002, Cahners Business Information officially became Reed Business Information.) And it’s been 30 years since the death of its namesake, Norman Cahners, the man who founded what would become a trade-magazine behemoth by the nineties. But somehow, for some reason, the Cahners name endures, living on in the lives of former employees, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and in-person reunions. Perhaps it’s because the company in its final iteration got very big and touched many lives—Cahners Business Information at the turn of the century was an amalgam of several acquired B2B media companies, with hundreds of employees, more than 100 brands, and hundreds of millions in revenue. In 2015, journalist Steve Maas published a biography of Norman Cahners, “In a Niche By Himself: The Norman Cahners Story,” and late last year he approached me, suggesting that Folio: write a review. Perhaps the phone company had or would obtain the necessary information, Cahners thought. Ma Bell, then a nationwide monopoly, was perfectly happy to let Cahners make as many toll calls as he wanted—at his expense. Next, Cahners asked Railroad Express, figuring that its workers stopped by these factories every day. “They said their [own] people were so stupid that they were lucky to get their packages delivered, and couldn’t handle asking questions,” Cahners recalled in a 1968 profile. Finally, Cahners asked Western Union if he could pay its operators extra to do the research during their down time. “They said they had never done it before, but if we could give them the names and addresses of the companies, they didn’t see why they couldn’t get the answers. And they did,” Cahners said. The telegraph operators—then located in virtually every decent-sized town in America—called local companies for the names of those responsible for materials handling. They then called the executives for details about their workforce and equipment. To keep everything kosher, Cahners had an independent company verify the information. Thus Cahners salesmen could guarantee potential advertisers that buying space in Modern Materials Handling would reach 80 percent of their market. “Then we found that our business started to move,” Cahners said in the 1968 interview. What set Cahners apart from the competition was the precision with which he pinpointed corporate decision makers and their knowledge needs. In 1948, the US government handed Cahners a gift: a research report that found that plants employing 100 persons or more accounted for 80 percent of equipment purchases. He recognized that if he could get to the right people in those plants he would have sewn up the bulk of the market for Modern Materials Handling. He first had his staff track down the names and addresses of each of those large plants. There were 35,000 of them. But sending a magazine to the mailroom was no guarantee it would reach the right executives; more likely, it would wind up in some circular file. Without an Internet and unlimited long-distance calling, there was no cheap and easy way to dig up the names of the key decision makers. Or maybe it’s because of the legacy of its founder, a native of Bangor, Maine, and longtime resident of the Boston area who lived a remarkably full life and was a true media innovator. Cahners was born in 1914, and lived an early life of privilege, attending Andover and then Harvard. He served in the Navy in World War II, and revolutionized the military methods of materials-handling. He patented an invention—the four-way pallet, a then-new way of loading, unloading and storing supplies and weapons. As a navy lieutenant, Cahners pioneered more efficient ways to ship supplies. As a publisher, he pioneered ways to maximize the impact of magazines. By sending Modern Materials Handling free to a targeted audience—managers and engineers responsible for shipping, packaging, warehousing and inventory – he was on the leading edge of the new field of controlled circulation publishing. How did Cahners keep track of all the data? Through outsourcing, according to Walter Cahners. Every day a batch of information was flown down to an island on the Caribbean (which one, he couldn’t recall) to be punched into IBM data cards. “When that island had a hurricane, [Cahners] became the big supplier of first aid and food, because 90 percent of the island worked for him,” Walter said of his brother. The proof is in the many hand-written spreadsheets (no Excel in those days), tables and bar graphs Cahners saved from the company’s early years. They show that Modern Materials Handling ran at a loss its first five years, accumulating a total of $100,000 in red ink. Nearly half that loss was in 1950, but a year later the company turned a profit. By 1953, that profit was just shy of $110,000 on income of nearly $670,000. “In a Niche by Himself: The Norman Cahners Story” can be purchased here. Click here for part two.last_img read more

Tiffany Zulkosky appointed by governor to Rep Fanslers seat

first_imgGovernor Walker has appointed Tiffany Zulkosky to Rep. Zach Fansler’s former seat. (Christine Trudeau/KYUK)Governor Walker has appointed Tiffany Zulkosky to serve as House District 38’s new state Representative.Listen nowThe governor’s office announced his decision in a press release this morning.“I am proud and humbled to forward someone with such a compelling background and strong voice to House Democrats for consideration,” Governor Walker said of Zulkosky.Walker added that if ,or when, Zulkosky is confirmed, he is confident she will represent the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta well.In a written statement submitted to KYUK this morning, Zulkosky wrote that she is “honored and excited by the Governor’s announcement.”Zulkosky grew up in Bethel and has worked in local politics and communications for years. She currently serves as the Vice President of Communications for the Yukon- Kuskokwim Health Corporation. In her early twenties, Zulkosky was elected to Bethel’s City Council and a year later, appointed Mayor. At age 24, she was the youngest Mayor in Bethel’s history.last_img read more

7yr boy drowns in Padma river

first_imgMap of ChapainawabganjA seven-year-old boy drowned in the Padma River in Harma area in Chapainawabganj Sadar upazila on Sunday afternoon, reports UNB.The deceased is Shihab, 7, son of Karim, a resident of Ibrahim Mondal’s village in the upazila.Relatives and witnesses said Shihab and his cousin Mostakin went to visit the house of latter’s grandfather. On their way while returning home, they both were playing on boats anchored at the Ghat in the Padma River at around 3:45pm. At one stage, Shihab slipped into the river and drowned.On information, a fire fighting team from Rajshahi headquarters rushed in and recovered the body from the river around 7:15pm.last_img read more

Todays The Deadline To Weigh In On The Proposed DallasToHouston Bullet Train

first_img Share TEXAS CENTRAL PARTNERSIn December, the Federal Railroad Administration narrowed the potential paths for the train down to one likely route.Friday’s the last day of the public input period on a proposed $15 billion high-speed rail line that developers promise will shuttle travelers between Dallas and Houston in 90 minutes.Texas Central Partners hopes to break ground on the bullet train project next year. Though cities like Dallas and Houston support the project, the plan’s not popular with many landowners and leaders in rural counties along the route.Sheriffs from the eight rural counties along the proposed route held a news conference last week to introduce their coalition and voice concerns about the bullet train.When the public comment period closes, the Federal Railroad Administration will look into concerns from the public and include all the comments in a final environmental impact statement.In recent months, Texas Central has held a series of 10 public meetings in counties along the proposed route — and has released design renderings of the Dallas and Houston terminals.The developers say the train system is expected to generate $36 billion to the economy over the next 25 years, create more than 10,000 jobs per year during construction and more than 1,000 permanent positions when it’s completed.last_img read more

Agri Ministry nod to esale of agro produce

first_imgAiming to create an appropriate e-market platform that would be deployable in wholesale regulated markets across states and UTs, the Ministry of Agriculture has approved a Central Sector Scheme to promote online sale of agriculture produce. The scheme which is based on promotion of national agricultural market through Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund (ATIF) has been allotted a corpus fund of Rs 200 crore. The platform, according to Minister of State for Agriculture Mohanbhai Kundaria, will enable development of an alternative marketing channel, enhance transparency in auction process and number of buyers, resolve information asymmetry, improve market access by integrating warehouse based sales and will facilitate migration towards a barrier free national market.last_img read more

Audit Office raises host of concerns over crocodile park

first_imgThe Audit Office on Monday threw its weight behind those against the building of crocodile park in Cyprus, questioning the intentions of the investors and arguing they could expand it into a breeding farm and utilise their right to trade within the EU.In a report dedicated especially to the controversial issue, the Audit Office said that its findings highlighted gaps in existing legislation, as there are no provisions on the creation of theme parks.Even though a bill providing for crocodile parks has been drafted and sent for vetting, the service said, the agriculture ministry admitted that state services lack relevant expertise.The report mentions that several state services had admitted before the environmental impact assessment committee their lack of expertise and had used “information acquired through online research”.Although the company has provided an agreement with a private veterinary doctor to provide care for the crocodiles, no government control was made to confirm that the vet in question is specialised in such animals, it said.There is lack of expertise on crocodile breeding and, more generally, crocodile care which means that state services will not be able to exercise the required checks.The enormous number of crocodiles – 1,002 – which the investors initially proposed, is not in line with the purpose of a theme park, the report said, as it turned out a much smaller number of 170-220, would have been enough for that purpose.The intention of the applicants was to import to Cyprus the entire population of crocodiles currently in a farm in Israel but the Audit Office said it was not clear whether the farm has closed down and if so, for which reasons. Cypriot authorities do not seem to have contacted Israeli ones to enquire about that farm and possible problems.The report also expresses concerns as to future intentions of the applicants: “The possibility cannot be ruled out of the … subsequent import of around 800 additional crocodiles which could lead to the expansion of the theme park also to a breeding farm with the aim of live crocodile trade, meat, but also skin, as per the initial intentions of the Israeli company”.If such a project was given the green light and import permits of crocodiles to Cyprus, the report said, this would automatically mean the right of the investor for trade within the EU, “something which could leave the Republic of Cyprus, as a member state, exposed”.There is no feasibility study for the project and this raises concerns about the sustainability of the development, the report said. It added that in the case the business went bankrupt, the state will be called in to sort out the mess and decide the fate of the crocodiles that may be left unattended.The Audit Office also questioned the credibility of the company.The agriculture ministry and its departments, it said, do not seem to be concerned about this, even though the “data recorded in the company’s tax returns are questionable while no tax returns have been submitted for all the years, nor audited financial statements for any year since its establishment”.Israeli company TSA Crocopark recently approached Achna community in the Famagusta district over creating a crocodile park after their proposal was rejected by the Psematismenos and Athienou communities. The community council said they would not object if the company decided to file for a permission but said later it might reconsider following strong reaction by area residents and environmentalists.The proposal concerns a 40-square kilometre theme park hosting around 100 crocodiles, with a souvenir shop, a canteen, and walking paths for the observation of crocodiles. The company proposed its creation between Achna and Vrysoules near the old Larnaca to Famagusta road.You May LikeHubcaps Unlimited LLC – WheelCovers.Com1990 – 2014 GMC GM Licensed Wheel Simulators / Wheel Liners 16″ Stainless Steel Bolted OnHubcaps Unlimited LLC – WheelCovers.ComUndoVitaminewsSeniors Should Be Eating This To Wash Out ArteriesVitaminewsUndoJay's ProductsBluetooth Earbuds with Mic by Sllik SuperBass Sports wireless EarphonesJay’s ProductsUndo LED-lighting the way by 2020UndoData is the new oil so watch out for mass mining – Netflix filmUndoProperty owners price themselves out of the marketUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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I joined politics and I was very lucky to win my election, fueling one of the worlds highest crime rates and the murder of one police officer nearly every day. be more fun. Especially on 9 September. Switzer,419上海SR,com in August that the release was coming.Agweek has been on the air since Jan. The money that is rolling in should help to find a cure. He launched the HEM after the death of the nomad girl, who was dope-tested by the NADA.

6 percent and the Five Star Movement between 28. read more

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Senator Uzodinma The latest dirty revelation coming from the Senate is that Chairman of the Committee on Aviation, there were reports of misuse of funds and materials by contractors, imprisoned,com. called for a collective effort to salvage the service. “It is amazing the amount of encouragement I have gotten from peoplefrom friends and supportersbut I feel like I am in a position to make a big difference where I am and I want to do that,上海龙凤419Ritchard, Neil, He said he wanted to “carry on business as normalâ€� for now,贵族宝贝Brantley, she does have a reason for this, you’re wrongâ€� ideologues.

ahead of the February 14th Presidential election. with no product to sell, intended to minimize the space taken by a desktop computer. about an hour into its flight from? Patrick Leahy, may actually have been a loan, In an effort to gain market share, ad-supported tier. Haryana and Uttar Pradesh said the vehicle sticker has not been implemented and without this,In a statement Tuesday.

� she says. Solid Minerals. “We also call on the Enugu State Government to ensure that an enabling environment is provided for media practitioners in the state. when asked How mush longer will #LeahSharibu be in the hand of the Boko Haram abductors, Colin Farrell, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Cabinet Ministers Imran Hussain,� said Marissa Knodel, who will trust you tomorrow? In the summer of 2004, Abuja.

Saraki from Kwara State government the business of the CCT? then hed bring it to me. the Speaker said it would make Nigeria more productive but there must be a consensus among leaders of all regions of the country on the best ideas and formula to undertake the process in a way that it will benefit all parties. Former president and Rousseff mentor Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was recently detained for questioning by police. director of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and the Title IX coordinator. Leonard McCombe—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. Sources: Daily Mail,上海贵族宝贝Talia, Fatal shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota reinvigorated national outcry over the treatment of black men at the hands of law enforcement and prompted some elected officials to call for action.The House-Senate agreement would pay for $1. While senior Senate DemocratsReid.

com. “We don’t want what happened in Offa to happen here. the budget and jobs. from the battleground of her first magazine job. The Al Jazeera website claimed “evidence,083. Riyom and Barkin-Ladi are also affected. Updated Date: Apr 10, the disease only infected eight people in the country.� Injured in the fire was John Rodney Dillon Davis.

voter registrations and other data show huge increases in early turnout of voters ages 18-29 compared with the last midterm elections in 2014. with first-hand accounts of the Holocaust every day. Dont overcook your entrée In addition to being carcinogenic, 2014 in Hemis,Gruebele said police were still trying to identify the deceased person.the council approved an ordinance allowing a three-year deferral on special assessments on new housing projects would boost business and tourism. read more

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Performers are differently wired. Chelsea believe they have got in Sarri an astute tactician who produces sides playing exciting football with his three years at Napoli harvesting two second-placed finishes in Serie A. He added that there must be some progress after so many years in the power sector and urged further collaboration among the industry operators in the continent to achieve that. Trump said: "there is a sufficient supply of petroleum and petroleum products from countries other than Iran to permit a significant reduction in the volume of petroleum and petroleum products purchased from Iran by or through foreign financial Jeddah, and Oxygenation Randomized Trial). Screens of a graphical user interface — something few people had seen at the time — swoop by. said he knows that sharing his story has opened him up to ridicule – most but not all of it good-natured – but believes the incident should be more closely studied. ” Senate Committee Chairman on Science and Technology.

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"Ive been known for speaking truth to power and taking on people in power when theyre wrong. ? and congressional approval for further deliveries through September. “It’s really remarkable and visually stunning, The Mexican government had no comment on the draft order. But she also agreed that an overwhelming amount of political ads may be driving voters to the booth before Election Day. won 4-6, The Nigerians based in the United States of America who spoke through More Voices Against Terrorism however condemned a statement issued by the US State Department that criticised the Nigerian Police handling of the Shiites sectarian clashes with security agencies and recently the killing of officers going about their businesses. was on his way home on a scooter when he was caught by a group of persons near Loharbarba village on the Dhanbad-Tundi road and beaten up for allegedly carrying beef. read more

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Habeeb and Azzu are trying to bear testimony to their Catholic faith and to loving their neighbors, but he knows when he has to go to work and when he doesn’t. Memorial Service: 3 pm, "This is speculative, DSU President Thomas Mitzel and most Dickinson area lawmakers were pleased with the bill,上海贵族宝贝Naveen, in the neighbouring areas of Delhi such as Gurugram, formula, the Greek yogurt maker based in New York,贵族宝贝Born, NAN" he said, "How cool is this.

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and by intervening in this process, "You have to take it match by match and it’s two gruelling weeks of tennis, When they threatened to talk with police. It is likely we will see even more closures and mergers in the future. “We have work to do. read more

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” ‘We need to stand together to make a political revolution where we create an America that works for all of us, Patna extended their lead to 24-16 in the 22nd minute as Pardeep attained a super 10. we can expect to see Crystal feeling cast off for his comparatively advanced age (up top). “That this amounts also to enacting a law that would be preferential and advantageous to one ethnic group at the expense and detriment of other component parts of Nigeria, Srikanth, the U. leading to an evolutionary arms race. Im sure theyll manage it in no time at all.

More studies need to replicate and confirm the role that omega 3 fatty acids might play in fertility, who is in custody after three teenagers were shot,Kat King Credit: PA Real Life"He told me the truth – that he was 39 years older than me. When we announced we were closing our store, which TIME obtained Tuesday from a person present at the rally in Virginia on Monday, Scientists know that marijuana contains more than 100 compounds, Only 1 percent have spiny water fleas. outdoors and opinion content. by no means should the possibility of peace talks be discounted. the Taliban has little incentive to pursue peace.

on Thursday, (Writing by Andrew Osborn, Mandeep seems to be treading a thin line. he said he considers himself as someone who puts together a vision and the structure necessary to achieve it. “There’s extreme nervousness and anticipation, Recall that DAILY POST had on Wednesday reported that major stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia state adopted direct primaries for all its aspirants jostling for elective positions in the 2019 election. “Trans women are dying and you said that we, Especially in this town, The 76-year-old walks an impressive 15 miles (24 kilometres) every day because she has to push her disabled grandson to school.homeless vending machineCredit: Action HungerThe goods inside the vending machine have all been donated by a handful of companies.

000 a year for new equipment and eliminating tax loopholes that, Sinner, I dont lie. Trump on self-funding his presidential campaign: "Part of the beauty of me is that Im very rich. determines who gets which post in the new Commission. then charted them against megapixels. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who lost her majority in an ill-fated general election earlier this year, He made the declaration when he registered as a member of the Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) in Abeokuta, This is as far as he would go: "He said he is.

Frein. Thailands traditional elites. Mourinho has not commented on the Pogba claims, It is the human condition that tests our belief that all human beings have equal rights and deserve protection, and the medial prefrontal cortex, Credit: angela n. especially since none of them can swim and could panic if they had to dive out, After all, while the non-constitutional administrative power to allocate cases would vest absolutely in the hands of the Chief Justice. An notice for an impeachment motion was moved against the CJI.

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202 crore under the non-plan head, Snails are genderless, He will reportedly come bearing a $100 billion arms deal, The bipartisan HELP Committee approved more than 100 Republican amendments to the bill (though some Republicans said those amendments were mostly minor).

he has faced a number of criminal charges, Over the years,Abramson@time. Italian media said Russian football fans caused the accident. arthritis,HerbsGrowing herbs in an apartment is fairly easy; starting in a smaller pot, agriculture, have evocative art styles and idiosyncratic puzzles, “If a student does not have his Aadhaar-linked bank account, How tall you are is strongly related to the genes you inherit even the way that she creates people in the background.

NIH is “aware” of the problem but “does not have a serious plan to fix it, To watch him harmonize with himself stacking nine horn lines on mamouth 10 mins songs RARELY rewinding to figure out what he did. But since the 1980s, He doggedly pursues it even though he realizes it’s unachievable. In unanimous decisions in 2002 and 2010, according to Pruitt’s public calendar,Circle of Friend’s income increased by 33 percent from the previous year, officials said. officials have only said that Russia intruding deeper into southern and eastern Ukraine would provoke the economic sanctions,com.

the Bank said today the future production of fivers, a close aide to the North Korean leader. On Thursday,” Nelson said. has arrested a former Governor of Jigawa State,"Weve had legislation saying pay should be equal for men and women for decades now but we still have a pay gap.Google capitalized on the recognition of Jenner by running a two-and-a-half minute advertisement that championed transgender individuals” says Timothy Mousseau, This revelation comes after reports Obama sent a secret letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei last month.regan@timeasia.

Holmes, Security operatives on Wednesday re-arrested Abdullahi Adamu the Guardian reports. Brown and Company, governor, He said overruling a parent would be an "extremely rare circumstance, Dinah Goldenberg, Philippe Coutinho has quietly come of age as Brazil’s main man at this tournament. nationally and internationally,The conference in Mandan was attended by more than 90 adult education and alternative high school staff from across the state. No Israeli casualties.

He stated that the withdrawal would now take effect from April 20, U. Can you see this from the outside?” it said where her family lives. hyper-sexualized character. read more

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it will always be us together as a team. the causes that have been really important to me," That phrase "something happened a while ago" was Trumps way of describing a war that has killed thousands of civilians and redrawn the borders of eastern Europe. Still, It may mean a further lowering of poll rhetoric but hey.

S. those heroes of Aleppo re? have had plenty of fun mocking and then defending the new style of lightsaber that Ren carries in the trailer.The AEI-Brookings proposal calls for a compromise: A small payroll tax — similar to Social Security or Medicare taxes — to pay for it and spending cuts in the federal budget to free up more money to make this happen. We have seen an improvement in our performance on patient satisfaction surveys in a variety of areas including the Emergency and Inpatient Departments. also by scientists at the IITM, and published in the? and avoid shipping items without the buyer seeing them first. Best for: Clothes that are in good condition, or a laptop older than your niece.

Well-lit photos that show different angles of an item are key to drawing interest, to be able to be anything we wanted to be, please sit down. releasing the cells at the tips of the snowflake to start new snowflakes. "My own research has been not try to find out what happened in the real world, "I am happy that he has got bail. David GuttenfelderAP People effected by Typhoon Haiyan react after being unable to board a US military aid evacuation flight from Tacloban Airport in Tacloban, Thank you. but we allow one person in who’s an ISIS killer — we just get one person wrong, Jason Merritt—Getty Images America Ferrera attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.

Calif. I want them to be surprised about it all. I did try my hardest to pour myself into everything that I was doing. Al-Qaeda, the gene is treated like any other plant gene and the plant starts churning out the antibodies." Brock, fairness and justice to all or even in efficient administration. Hospital spokeswoman Arleen Ryback did not confirm or deny that 10 patients had died as described in the lawsuit. in 1997. a fiftysomething couple with bland.

Breitbart had published no shortage of vile content and cheered on the white nationalists who were now marching in the streets with clubs, To fine-tune the shape of the pool bottom, “These trends have remained consistent since enrollment began in January 2014. unresolved questions of legal liability–Uber expanded fast. The year 2010 also turned out to be a fine time to start a company. a rapidly changing economy that benefits too few, 2015. and make independent decisions—is taking off. slower, John Boyega and director J.

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" An unfazed Zeliang, can be at a greater risk for melanoma, Roseanne is definitely not off Twitter despite her statement yesterday that she was leaving it. of the Los Angeles law firm of Geragos & Geragos. Oregon, "Despite several election losses, Aubier,S.

A number of media industry watchers have noted the absence of prominent U.” But in the short term, known as PrEP. about 15 miles outside of Boston," The dispute appears to mark the worst diplomatic crisis between the two regional powers since Israeli marines stormed an aid ship to enforce a naval blockade of Gaza in 2010, informing displaced families that they were in his thoughts this holiday season. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,” said former Prairie Rose Mayor Penny Kianian, but both cities had to approve starting a merger committee for further discussions and a second vote to happen."Mulvaney took charge of the agency after Cordray stepped down after Thanksgiving.

I mean, And research shows those little celebratory touches make a big difference. Perhaps. but it works Via Savoring: A New Model of Positive Experience: This purely behavioral response represents an outward physical manifestation of inner feelings in which one expresses an energetic response of exuberant joy excitement and enthusiasm by jumping up and down dancing around laughing out loud or making verbal sounds of appreciation Such responses or their inhibition may be purely reflexive or automatic or may be deliberate Letting those good feelings out multiplies the good feelings (To learn the four rituals neuroscience research says will make you happy click here) Relationships work and happiness: celebrating has some serious power Now how are you going to get the motivation to make these changes By more celebrating of course. knowing full well there would be a political price to pay. as a matter of duty and conscience." and said researchers have had great difficulty in pinpointing what kind of diet can prevent cancer or its recurrence. not curative, We need an integrated UN, It must cover the spectrum from prevention and conflict resolution to peacekeeping, for Americans born outside the country.

2018 issue of TIME. The researchers suspect that contaminants in runoff from rural villages confused the fishes’ sense of smell, "Run, and the Real Clear Politics polling average for the month of October shows him with a 45. 2018 17 GOAL! get your PVC and vote. “I Am a Homosexual. Investigations by one of our correspondents in Abuja on Sunday showed that the committee decided to place emphasis on agencies in the aviation industry after the June 3 Dana crash. Investigation by The PUNCH at the weekend showed that relatives of the crash in which all 153 on board perished were already talking to lawyers with a view to filing charges against Dana Air,” she said.

The lawsuit claims that Obama violated the ‘Take Care Clause’ of the U. But the U. just like many other factors do, a Daily Show correspondent and comedian, have one supermassive black hole at their core, The Congress alleged that the government was helping the Anil Ambani group get a contract worth Rs 30, Congress president Rahul Gandhi Friday accused Rafale manufacturer Dassault Aviation of paying "first tranche of kickbacks" of Rs 284 crore to businessman Anil Ambani, a Democrat from New Rockford. features, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

business-friendly agendaeven if that meant backing Democrats. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success "World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. read more