Orders for Airbus double that of Boeing in 2009

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X Airbus Tuesday reported that it had received 271 new orders for aircraft in2009, and while significantly down from the 777 orders in 2008 manages to nearly double the figure that Boeing received.Following quickly on the heels of Boeing who announced142 new orders, Airbus this week also reported its performance results for the year of 2009 which featured a record-breaking 498 aircraft delivered to commercial customers.“Considering the economic and financial environment we have done rather well in 2009,” said Tom Enders, Airbus President and CEO.“We plan to keep production at 2008/2009 levels, but we need to remain prudent and flexible. We are not out of the woods yet.”The shining star in Airbus’s performance records this year was the Airbus A320, which alone saw 402 units delivered, as well as new orders for 228 units.  This strong performance likely swayed Mr Enders into announcing “further investments” into the A320 project.Ten of the double-decker A380 aircraft were delivered this year, and Airbus hopes to boost this figure up to “at least” 20 next year.  One main stumbling block is the relatively high cost of producing the A380 which Airbus has admitted still has some way to go before it stops being a financial liability.Another area where the company is haemorrhaging funds, at the rate of EUR100 million a month, is in the A400M military transporter, which is having issues so large that Mr Enders had earlier been quoted by Reuters saying he was sceptical a deal could be made to save the program. Airbus executives reporting 2009 deliveries and orderslast_img read more