Rafa Benitez to remain as Real Madrid manager, Florentino Perez confirms

first_img1 Rafa Benitez will remain as manager of Real Madrid and is the ‘chosen one’, club president Florentino Perez has announced.Madrid had called a press conference on Monday following a board meeting to dissect the humbling 4-0 defeat to Barcelona at the Bernabeu on Saturday evening.There had been speculation that after falling-outs with players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Perez would remove Benitez from his role, despite only appointing the former Liverpool boss in the summer.Following the weekend’s defeat, Madrid sit in third place, six points adrift of Barcelona at the top of the league.Perez said: “We have had a board meeting and analysed the sporting situation at Real Madrid. Rafa has all our support and all our confidence.“Rafa Benítez has all the ability and has only just started his job here. Let him keep working and he will achieve his objectives.“We had a very bad match, these things happen, but it wasn’t for a lack of attitude.“We are convinced that we have a great squad that will give much happiness to a fanbase that deserves everything. Rafa Benítez is the chosen one to bring success to this squad that since January has struggled. Now more than ever he needs the support of all of our followers.”When asked whether sacking Benitez was ever discussed, Perez responded: “I just said that. No one in the board has ever suggested that. We have unanimity. We have to let him work. Some players have been two months without playing; they need time. We need time for the team to work the way we would like.” Rafa Benitez last_img read more

Ninth annual Cullowhee Canoe Slalom

first_imgThe ninth annual Cullowhee Canoe Slalom will offer a family-friendly paddling competition beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 22, on a calm section of the Tuckaseigee River near Western Carolina University. The competition will start at the Locust Creek put-in just downstream from the greenway bridge on Old Cullowhee Road, with the course including nine gates on flat but moving water and competitions for canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Canoes, paddles and personal floatation devices will be provided, but kayakers and paddle boarders should bring their own boats. All participants should bring closed-toed shoes, a water bottle and clothes that can get wet.The course will be open for practice from 1 to 7 p.m. Friday Sept. 21.$5 per person, per event, with food available on-site for purchase. Register by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19, by emailing wcucanoeslalom@gmail.com. Day-of registration not available.Hosted by WCU Parks and Recreation Management Program students and the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department. Proceeds benefit the Parks and Recreation Management Scholarship Fund.last_img read more

How to Ensure High Productivity of Your Remote Workers

first_imgRelated Posts Sandra Lupanova Tags:#business efficiency#corporate networks#workplace collaboration Why Productivity and Customer Experience go Han… Remote work is on the rise globally. There are various reasons for the rising trend of remote workers. The connected global economy brings companies to skilled, less expensive labor markets. Technological advances and the ubiquity of the internet allows people to stay connected wherever they are. Now you’ll want to ensure happiness and high productivity of your remote workers.The Remote Working ExplosionAround 16% of companies worldwide have a 100% remote workforce. An additional 52% of office workers around the world working from home at least once a week. Another trend is that a substantial number of workers would drop their current office job for the chance of working from home, provided the offered pay stays the same.It’s not a surprise, given that recent scientific studies showed that people working from home, especially married individuals, are happier than their office-dwelling counterparts. At the same time, lower operational costs for companies that don’t have to support bloated offices, and better online availability of non-commuters means that remote work is here to stay.In this context, remote job opportunities become a must-have for companies looking to hire top talent and keep their existing employees happy, as expectations from a remote work will only raise. That’s why keeping remote employees productive and happy becomes an essential task for employers all over the world.Remote workers often find it challenging to stay motivated and can experience collaboration issues as well as loneliness.Challenges of Remote WorkApart from the drawbacks, remote work may come with a variety of problems, such as:Asynchronous collaboration and communication that can paralyze teamworkInability to deliver high-priority projects due to remote work constraints (for example, time differences)Failure to manage daily performance properly leading to abusive micromanagement practices that cause unneeded pressure on employeesSiloed knowledge that doesn’t flow to remote workers freely, thus making them feel isolated and lagging behind their in-house colleaguesMisbalanced working schedule with regular overloads, which leads to employees’ decreasing productivity or, at worst, lasting periods of apathy.Luckily, there are many ways to combat these symptoms and create a robust, effective, and loyal remote workforce. Besides, technology can be the most effective one. According to SharePoint consultants from Iflexion, y  your intranet can become a bridge between your remote and in-office employees by driving communication, improving productivity, and contributing to employee retention.Improving CommunicationBeing informed is crucial for productivity. When employees know what other team members are working on, how the travel reimbursement policy has changed or can follow all of the new hires in their organization, they can stay tuned for corporate processes, have access to the required knowledge, and, as a result, deliver positive results.To ensure successful communication, companies implement internal communication tools, and their share is stably increasing around the world. Over 60% of internal communication teams are planning to expand the corporate use of internal social channels, and 50% have the same plans for their intranets, with 57% of organizations using SharePoint as their main internal communications tool. The key reason for the platform’s popularity is in a plethora of features that enable effective enterprise-wide collaboration and communication.Communication sites available in Office 365 and SharePoint 2019 can be the example of a suitable medium for dynamic information exchange between in-house and remote employees. A great thing about this feature is that anyone can launch a communications site.No design or web development skills are required to make an attractive page that remote employees will enjoy visiting. Source: Microsoft.Generally, communication sites are there to host all types of corporate information:Team calendarsDocuments and media contentInternal news and updatesReports, surveys, and researchCorporate or team knowledge, and moreFacilitating Team CollaborationWhen your team is working remotely and team members are in different time zones, work coordination might become complicated. Even simple activities, such as tracking tasks or scheduling meetings, can be problematic.Of course, there’s a way to address these issues through a comprehensive approach to team management. In SharePoint, team sites are responsible for team collaboration. They are similar to communication sites but also offer project management features that can be helpful for project-oriented teams.If you launch a team site in Office 365, you automatically get the Office 365 Group, which enables access to a shared Outlook calendar, tasks in Microsoft Planner, team communication in Microsoft Teams, and even a shared workplace in Power BI, which is essential for teams that work with analytics or need advanced reporting features.Another strong side of SharePoint is that it enables intranet developers to juggle components (called web parts) that users will see on the final team or communication sites. Some of the useful web parts for distributed teams include but are not limited to:Document LibraryFile ViewerMicrosoft FormsPlannerQuick linksConnectors to Trello, Facebook, JIRA, and other third-party systemsIt should be said that SharePoint in its modern state is mobile-friendly, which greatly improves the accessibility of solutions built on top of it for remote workers. Check out the clean features of the SharePoint site.Understanding Employee PerformanceWhen you manage a distributed team, it’s very important to track their productivity and understand what process and tools they prefer to succeed in their daily work.An intranet can help organizations, and particularly team managers, keep an eye on employee performance. Key intranet providers, including Microsoft, have already turned their attention to workplace analytics. Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verificationcenter_img andra Lupanova is SharePoint and Office 365 Evangelist at Iflexion, a software development and IT consulting company headquartered in Denver. Sandra focuses on the SharePoint and Office 365 capabilities, challenges that companies face while adopting these platforms, as well as shares practical tips on how to improve SharePoint and Office 365 deployments and take maximum benefit out of them. Employee-centric, cost-effective SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft 365 solutions with positive user adoption are key topics that Sandra covers in her articles. Remote Working Culture: The Facts Business Owne… How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Workplace analytics are essential to learn the staff better and create the most optimal working environment for them.                   Source: Microsoft.Workplace analytics in Office 365 enables team managers to assess the efficiency of all team activities, understand the most fruitful collaboration media, and eliminate time-eaters like idle meetings. When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of remote teams, workplace analytics can reveal the overall intensity of collaboration within the team. Start to compare collaborative efforts with real working results, or identify misbalance in the team load.The list can go on, but what’s important is that you’ll be able to see these trends through historical data usage at the user level. This can help you identify team members falling behind or being unaware of all the capabilities available for your team to succeed. In that case, corrective action is up to you. But it can be anything, from technology-specific training to additional instructions on optimal collaboration practices.Creating Social Experiences for EmployeesImagine that you could have your internal Reddit or Quora, where people get together, discuss topics, celebrate ideas, and have fun. That’s entirely possible with Yammer, an enterprise social networking platform, which is a part of Office 365 and can go together with SharePoint. Organizations can use it as a standalone collaboration forum or make it a part of their SharePoint sites to unite the capabilities of both solutions.Yammer can become a good fit for all kinds of formal, as well as informal, communication.  Source: MicrosoftUsing Yammer, employees can directly message other team members, and share conversations. An employee can discover a detailed organizational charts (especially useful during onboarding), and explore employee profiles. The best for you team (especially remorte workers) is engaging in conversations, being able to tag people — and much more. Your remote workers will never feel alone, disengaged, or helpless again.Size Doesn’t MatterKeeping your employees happy and productive is a monumental task. And it doesn’t matter if you’re running a small company or a large global enterprise. The problems will be the same because they stem from the inherent isolation that remote workers experience. The good thing is that intranet platforms like SharePoint are available for any enterprise, from small companies to global businesses.Small enterprises will enjoy a relatively small investment required to get started. You don’t need any infrastructural investments to connect even the smallest of teams across the world. Large enterprises will enjoy the scalability and modularity of SharePoint, as it has tons of enterprise-grade features, from project management areas to comprehensive team sites that can be set up in hours.The Evolution of the Remote WorkerThe ability to work remotely is attractive to many modern job seekers. At the same time, the global nature of today’s business requires companies to build isolated remote teams too. However, that brings up a host of issues, from the lack of social interaction to the vanishing sense of community among employees. This can hurt the productivity and happiness of your remote workforce.A viable solution for these problems would include improving internal communication, enabling closer collaboration, and facilitating social interactions in distributed teams.An intranet, especially the one based on a robust collaboration platform like SharePoint, can be the right solution to address these issues. Such a solution can improve employees’ involvement and productivity through built-in features, enable them to create their own optimal collaboration environment, along with providing permanent access to all team processes and knowledge.last_img read more

Presentation Management: Key Component to the Enterprise Sales Funnel

first_imgRelated Posts Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry AlexAnndra Ontra AlexAnndra Ontra Sales 101 says that more transactions lead to more revenue, and more revenue comes from more clients. But how do you get more clients? Enter: The Sales Funnel. A strong sales funnel is an essential component for any enterprise that wants to build relationships and drive more leads. With a strong funnel, you can transform your visitors into buyers.The funnel is the visual representation of the route your visitors, leads, and customers take before making the purchase. The trick is getting enough leads into your pipeline to hit your revenue goals while ensuring you have the right processes in place to close the lead.The Sales Funnel and What’s Wrong With ItAt the top of your sales funnel lies your advertising strategy – social, traditional, direct mail. The goal is to attract as many people into the funnel as possible. You have to have the attention of potential customers. With the customers’ attention in place, they’ll seek out third party verifications like your social media presence.Then the clients and customers move to your website to familiarize themselves with your brand. They review recent product launches and news announcements. If the funnel works as it’s supposed to, your customers reach out to your company and ask to learn more.Asking to learn more is the presentation phase of the sales funnel. It’s the final step in convincing potential clients to open up their wallets. The question is: why is this most crucial step often the most overlooked stage in the entire process?Why Companies are Overlooking PresentationsMarketing and sales executives spend considerable amounts of time and resources on digital tools in order to engage with customers. Yet, marketing and sales give little, if any, consideration to presentations.The presentation is actually at the bottom of the funnel. Your finest strategic communications asset — the presentation — is the final step in the sales process.  Few organizations actually treat them as such.The significant investment you make through advertising, social media campaigns and public relations efforts can all go to waste if you don’t close the sale at the end. And, what is the most resourceful tool to have when you get to the end of your sales funnel? A presentation.Adopting an efficient presentation management strategy fortifies the last stage in the sales funnel, completing your overall sales and marketing strategy. More importantly, adopting this strategy provides your team with the processes they need to win more business.Presentations are critical to those final meetings. A strong presentation management strategy makes your employees more productive. Your sales and marketing team can find and repurpose quality presentation content in a fraction of the time. Wasting time creating a new deck for a meeting need not be done.Without presentation management, employees waste time:Searching through the network, worksites, and old email attachments looking for the “right” slides for their meeting.Using the “wrong” version of a slide in their presentation.Recreating slides that already exist somewhere, but they can’t find them.Collecting and consolidating everyone’s feedback.Trying to track content usage so they can understand what is resonating in the field and what is not.Presentations are unique in that they straddle two departments – Marketing and Sales. It’s Marketing’s job to create master decks with proper brand elements and messaging. Your sales team that actually uses the decks, usually with the pressure of a sales target looming.If your marketing team is implementing presentation management strategy, then sales won’t suffer from any of the problems noted above. Your sales team will be able to quickly find the appropriate slides and files. Customizing the correct deck for a meeting becomes a snap — and closing a sale comes within reach more quickly.Sales are then freed up to focus on their client’s business and their own strategy — not searching for that one perfect slide. Presentation management’s role in accelerating efficiency in the workplace is critical. Companies adopting enterprise content management and presentation management strategies stand to realize a 400% ROI within five years of adoption.Presentation Management Elevates Your Brand and MessagePresentations are the last stage in the sales funnel and have a direct effect on your company’s bottom line. The presentation is where you’re creating trust and establishing a personal relationship with the client. More than the impersonal experience of browsing through a website, the power of the presentation takes the clients away from getting served up a series of tedious ads.Using presentation management is how marketing executives responsible for branding and messaging sleep at night. The execs know all sales collateral is on the brand, on the message, and seek to make the message easily accessible and auditable. Marketing gets its branding and Sales gets its material. It’s a win-win for both sides.With presentation management, your company will have the ability to refine its presentation process to improve these crucial business assets. It puts actionable workflows around the lifecycle of a presentation – the continual evolution of presentation content.Using better presentation management ensures that content does not get lost and that everyone can find and re-use the most up-to-date versions. Slides, files, video, an infographic, a brochure, or any other type of content is searchable and easily found.Presentation management enables your business to leverage all the content you’re already creating for presentations.The management of presentation assets is more than PowerPoint slides. Solid presentation management strategy optimizes all stages of the presentation workflow and offers team members:Interactive Slide Library. The library is accessible anywhere, anytime, and allows users to search and preview content. Your team can prepare a deck before a meeting, or directly while in a conference room presenting to their client.Based on the client’s direct feedback, they can quickly pull up any slide because the slide library is visual and full of ready-to-present assets. Sales can address client concerns and dive deeper into the product or service they are selling.Having the information and assets at their fingertips, your sales can also use the enhanced opportunity for cross-selling. Your sales can introduce new products on the spot. The presentation follows the conversation in a natural flow.Controlled Permissions. Employees must have access to the proper information and communication assets (i.e., who gets which files).  Permissions need to be clearly understood upfront — including what they can do with the files (edit, download, share, present, etc.).Forced Messaging. Forced messaging is used to link essential disclosure statements to the appropriate content. You will want to ensure that the entire message is always presented. Forced messaging is particularly important for regulated industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.Organization Wide-Updates. Your presentation content should be continuously refined and updated as your business and message evolve. These updates are an on-going process. By pushing out updates, you prevent employees from using outdated content.Reporting. Analytics. Reporting and analytics are your business intelligence. The critical intelligence information is connected to presentations, so Sales and Marketing can track slide engagement, usage, feedback, and time.Business intelligence information offers insight into who is presenting what content, to whom, for how long, and the performance of certain slides. These data points guide decisions on what content needs updating, what needs to be retired and what can be re-created.The result is that employees spend more of their time building the business – talking to customers and developing better strategies to sell more products. No more wasted hours or days fumbling around with outdated, off-message PowerPoint slides.Presentation management reduces the time spent creating presentations from hours to minutes resulting in an instant return on investment. Your sales team will be closing the funnel, while the entire workforce benefits from:Increased productivity. Visualized file preview with advanced search makes it easy to find the right slides for your deck. The action is combined with drag & drop or other features to seamlessly and quickly assemble a new deck.Ensured compliance. It guarantees that the right message is always communicated. The correct information is significant for branding, and the proper disclosures. Proper disclosures are always critical for regulated industriesBetter balance between Marketing and Sales. The presentation loop keeps content and feedback flowing continually. Your sales team in the field is ensured direct access to current assets that are proven to convert. Your marketing team back at HQ is getting feedback, so they can continually improve and then distribute updated content.You Have Your Resources, Stop Neglecting ThemA company’s greatest sales employees are regularly out on the road meeting and learning from prospects — the last stage of the sales funnel. A solid presentation management strategy will support them in that task.With the interactive library of slides, they can perform better during meetings and speak intelligently about the product or service that your company offers. Your sales team is armed with all of the content right there, at their fingertips.Presentation management allows the sales team to interact on a more personal level to provide the prospect with the exact messaging they’re looking to hear. Furthermore, the feedback loop allows HQ to make changes to the content and distribute it in real-time. Your sales team can act on and display the best resources to close the deal at the end of the funnel.Each stage of the sales funnel is unique and critical.The top of the funnel, with its reliance on traditional advertising and content marketing, naturally gets all of the attention of Marketing. Salespeople often feel they are left to fend for themselves — one meeting at a time, wasting time, and wasting assets.With the prevalence of mobile phones and tablets, we have become comfortable with on-demand media, and we expect it. Those habits are working their way into our business habits and business conversations. Your sales meeting is your most important business conversation.Presentation management fosters better business presentations, better habits and ultimately, better conversations. The presentation follows the conversation. AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Tags:#Enterprise Sales#PowerPoint#Presentation Management#Presentations#Sales Funnel AlexAnndra Ontra is the Co-Founder and President of Shufflrr and author of Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content, where she collaborates with clients to help establish an efficient presentation management strategy within their organization. AlexAnndra has empowered hundreds of Fortune-level companies, to transform basic PowerPoint slides into vital business assets. Before founding Shufflrr, AlexAnndra developed high profile presentations for clients such as Epcot Center, The NBA, and Mercedes-Benz where she developed her creative, hands-on approach to helping clients drive their business. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sectorlast_img read more

JAMAICA Know your rights what to do if youre arrested

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Jamaica, November 8, 2017 – Kingston – Head of the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, is encouraging Jamaicans to know their rights and the correct protocol for arrest under the law.Speaking with JIS News, Ms. Lindsay states that the police may carry out an arrest for different reasons, such as to prevent an offence, to prevent the continuation of an offence and to prevent escape.   She says that regardless of the circumstances leading to an arrest, the basic rights of the individual should be observed at all times during the process.“The police officer will carry out an arrest in three main ways… on view, which is when you detect an offence taking place… on information from a third party, that is, when someone comes to the police station and makes a report.   There is an investigation and (an) arrest is made based on the information provided.  We also conduct Arrest on Warrant,” Superintendent Lindsay explains.Under Section 15 of the Constabulary Force Act, it is lawful for any Constable, without warrant, to apprehend any person found committing any offence punishable upon indictment or summary conviction, and to take him before a Justice to enquire into the circumstance of the alleged offence.   The law also provides for the persons to be committed to the nearest jail, prison or lock-up to be dealt with, or to grant the person bail in accordance with the Bail Act.Ms. Lindsay states that in a normal arrest procedure, the officer identifies himself or herself to the individual and informs the person of the offence for which he or she is being arrested and charged. The officer then restrains and cautions the individual.An essential aspect of the arrest is the ‘caution’, which notifies the offender of his/her rights during the process, particularly the right to remain silent, as anything said will be taken down in writing and used as evidence in court.   Following the caution, the police should then escort the detainee to the station.   Here, it is determined whether the person is eligible to be granted bail at the station level, or is to be remanded in custody for the matter to be brought before a Magistrate to grant or deny the bail application.Ms. Lindsay also advises persons to carry proper identification (driver’s licence, passport, voter’s ID) when going to the station.“If you don’t have proper identification when you are taken to the police station, you can’t get bail (because) you cannot be properly identified.   So it is important that you have some kind of proper identification.   If you don’t have it on your person, then you will be required to ask someone to bring some form of identification,” she says.If, however, the person refuses or is unable to give the security (money or property) required as a condition for bail, it is lawful for the officer or sub-officer to detain the person in custody until such person can be brought before a Justice and dealt with in like manner, as is directed in the case of someone apprehended under the Act without warrant.   For persons with special needs, such as a medical condition, provision should be made, as these persons have a right to medical care.Other rights include the right to meals for the duration of confinement, as well as the right to a safe environment, to the extent that the person is to be protected from harm and injury while in police custody. This is particularly important in the case of persons with mental illness.“We have to ensure that they are separated from the other prisoners, so that they are not put in a situation where they are vulnerable or cause harm to the other detainees,” Ms. Lindsay states.Once at the police station, the remanded person is entitled to a phone call to notify someone of the arrest.Ms. Lindsay explains that more than one phone call is permissible to ensure that someone is notified of the person’s arrest and for the person to make arrangements for legal counsel and for the care of dependents.Where a minor is present at the point of arrest, the offender is allowed to call someone to take custody of the child. If there is no one, the police will then contact the Child Development Agency (CDA) to make arrangements for the child to be placed in State care until the person is granted bail, at which time they can retrieve the child.Meanwhile the Head of the Corporate Communications Unit says that arrested persons are also entitled to legal representation, and if a detainee cannot afford a lawyer, the government provides representation through the Legal Aid Council.“Once a person indicates that they cannot afford a lawyer, then the police will make contact with [an] attorney.   Usually, you will find that attorneys are assigned to different parts of the island.   The police will have a list of persons who are approved legal counsels … and you make arrangements for one of them to come in and represent the person who is being charged,” she explains.    Also, the person should be interviewed in the presence of his/her attorney so that there is legal guidance throughout the process.Additionally, where a child is in conflict with the law and has to be placed under arrest, the child should be told at the time of arrest in plain, simple, child-friendly language the reason for the detention.   Additionally, the child’s parents or guardians should be immediately notified by the police of the arrest and the reason for the arrest.The police are not permitted to question the child without legal representation.   The Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA) or Duty Counsel on the Legal Aid List is to be immediately contacted by the police where a child suspect is arrested and does not have legal representation.   A child who is not charged within 24 hours of being arrested or detained, should be released into the care of the parents or guardians.As it relates to bail application, depending on the gravity and nature of the charge, the detainee is entitled to bail.   Bail can be granted at the station level for minor offences, or on the likelihood of the individual appearing before a court for a trial.Section 25 of the Act states that the officer or sub-officer in charge of the police station or lock-up shall grant bail to that person in accordance with the Bail Act, unless the person has been taken into custody on a charge of murder, treason or treason felony.The officer is charged with ensuring that the dignity of the detainee is maintained throughout the process (no draping or dragging of the individual).   As far as is practicable, handcuffs must be used on males and violent females.   Just as the police officer is guided by certain responsibilities in the arrest procedure, so too the individual that is being arrested must observe certain protocols.Ms. Lindsay advises persons to cooperate with the justice officials.“Once you are approached by the police and informed that you will be arrested, and you are notified of the offence, we want persons to cooperate with the police and not try to resist, because that could lead to an additional charge of resisting arrest.   Don’t fight the police, because that could lead to another charge of assaulting the police. So we advise persons to cooperate with the (arrest) process,” she advises.If during arrest an individual feels his/her rights have been violated, there are several avenues for redress.On the advice of their attorney, civil action can be taken against the police and the Government to prove that the individual’s rights were violated by the police officers acting on behalf of the State.Persons can also make a formal complaint and document the incident with the Police Complaints Department in the Inspectorate of the Constabulary Force. Complaints can also be lodged with the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).Persons can also contact the Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights, Jamaicans for Justice or the Office of the Public Defender for redress.By: Rochelle Williams (JIS) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Special Committee Appears to Settle on Modest Change to Budget Process

first_imgA special congressional committee established in February to look at ways to reform the budget and appropriations process appears to have agreed on only one concrete change, shifting the annual budget resolution to a biennial one. The 16-member Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform considered a variety of more far-reaching proposals during months of hearings and meetings, but none garnered the support of a majority of the committee, reported CQ. The committee, equally split between the two parties, is expected to mark up a compromise bill next week that, if approved, would then go to the House and Senate for debate. During markup members likely will propose amendments covering more sweeping reforms, such as eliminating the need for Congress to raise the debt limit and shifting the start of the fiscal year from Oct. 1 to Jan. 1. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Abundant Life Christian Schools Class of 2019 Thanks

first_imgDear Editor,Abundant Life Christian School’s Class of 2019 would like to thank the community for your support of our 20th Annual Pasta Dinner and Silent Auction held on March 22, 2019. Our event was a big success, surpassing our fundraising goal. The 8th grade class is now enjoying the benefits of their hard work and your generosity and willingness to help.We would like to thank the following donors for contributing to our fundraiser to benefit the 8th grade to trip to Washington, D.C. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you…A Whole Bunch Flower Market; Abundant Life Christian School and Learning Center; Academy of Traditional Karate, Inc.; Acres of Wildlife; Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center; Arrow Paper Corporation; Art by Alina; Attitash Mountain Village; Auntie Dog; The Balanced Life with Robin Long; BeanStalk Adventure Ropes Course; Behn Basketball Camp; Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture; Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant; Best Choice Products; B.Good; Block Island Ferry; Bob’s Discount Furniture; Bose Corporation; Boston Bruins; Boston College Athletics; Boston Red Sox; Bromley Mountain Ski Resort; Brown University Athletics; Buffalo Wild Wings; Butcher Boy Market; The Butterfly Place; Cabot Creamery Cooperative; Camp Berea; Camp Spofford; Cardi’s Furniture; Cedardale Health & Fitness; Charles River Canoe & Kayak; The Chateau; The Cheesecake Factory; Chick-Fil-A; Chipotle Mexican Grill; Chuckster’s Family Fun Park; Clix New England; The Common Man; Concord Museum; Copper Door; Cowabunga’s; Cozi Inc.; Cranmore Mountain Resort; Cumberland Farms; Dartmouth College Athletics; Dave and Buster’s; Davis Familyland; deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum; Dick’s Sporting Goods; Discovery Museum; Donna’s Donuts; Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty; Einstein’s Workshop; Elia’s Country Store; Elite Freestyle Karate; Essex River Cruises; Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk; Focus on the Family; Foxwood’s Resort Casino; The Freedom Trail Foundation; Gardens Alive!; Gaslight; God’s Glory Box; Great NH Restaurants, Inc.; Greater Boston Stage Company; Grotonwood Camp & Conference Center; Grove Collaborative, Inc.; Gymja Warrior; GymStreet USA; Harrows Chicken Pies; Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant; Harvard Museum of Natural History; Harvard Athletics; Heather Sidell, doTerra Essential Oils; Home Improvement Ministries; Hy-Line Cruises; The Institute of Contemporary Art; Jan Brett; John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum; John Morley; Keurig; Kickstart Reading; King’s Bowling; LaCascia’s Bakery & Deli; Larz Anderson Auto Museum; Launch Trampoline Park; Lauren Daigle; Look What I Made!; Lowell Spinners Baseball; Lucky Nails; The Lyric Stage Company of Boston; Magic Brush Pottery; Mahoney’s Garden Center; Manchester Monarchs; The Margate Resort; Market Basket; Mary Peacock Photography; Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm; Massage Envy; Matthew West; Meadow Breeze Day Camp; Merrimack Repertory Theatre; Mill Falls at the Lake; Miss Betty Fournier; Moonstones; Museum of Science; Nathaniel’s at Hawthorne Hotel; New England Aquarium; Nora Fleming; North Shore Music Theatre; O’Connor Hardware; O’Neil Cinemas; Old Sturbridge Village; One Stop Fun; Oriental Trading Company; Pacific Grove; Panera Bread; Paper Culture LLC; Paper Source; Parker’s Maple Barn; Pats Peak Ski Area; Pawtucket Red Sox; Peabody Essex Museum; PepsiCo; Picaboo; Pizza Mia and Uptown Deli & Catering; Portland Sea Dogs; Potbelly Sandwich Shop; Project Repat Inc.; Puppet Showplace Theatre; Red’s Center Laundromat Cleaners; River Rock Music Festival; Rizzo’s Roast Beef & Pizza; Rocco’s Restaurant; Rock Spot Climbing; Rockport Inn & Suites; Roller Kingdom; The Salon on Haven; Santa’s Village; Savanah’s Sweets; ScrubaDub Wash Centers; Sculpture Garden Sweet Inc.; Shauna Runnion-Bareford, Norwex; New Sound Concerts/Soulfest; Southwick’s Zoo; The Sports Museum; Springfield Museums; Swan Boats; Sweet Peas & Saffron; Toni’s Own Cookies; Total Wine & More; UMass Lowell Athletics; Vera Bradley Sales, LLC.; Wachusett Mountain Ski Area; Wamesit Lanes Family Entertainment Center; Water Wizz of Cape Cod; Wegmans Food Markets; Wheel of Fortune; Wilmington Fire Department; Wilmington House of Pizza; Woburn Bowladrome Inc.; XtremeCraze; The Yoga Loft; and York’s Wild Kingdom.Once again, we want to express our appreciation for your generosity and support for our 20th Annual Pasta Dinner and Silent Auction. 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No more packing of kids in vans please Srinagar schools told to

first_imgCreative CommonsThe Srinagar District Administration has directed schools to start following the Supreme Court guidelines on ferrying children in school vans. The Deputy Commissioner (Srinagar), Shahid Choudhary, said in a tweet that various incidents of school vans being overpopulated with children in contrast with the SC guidelines have been reported. The schools have been served a deadline of July 11 to following the instructions as laid down by the apex court.”Mandatory for all Schools to have in place safety measures as laid down by the Supreme Court. Request parents to extend cooperation to schools for PTM. Defaulters to face action from July 11. No packing of kids in vans please,” the DC Srinagar said.The directive issued by Choudhary stated that despite various warnings being given to the school managements in the district for strict observance of the SC guidelines, a number of violations have been observed throughh photographs that showed overloading of school vans on social media. It said that the lives of many school children are being thus put at risk by non-compliance of the SC guidelines. School vans in Srinagar have been told to comply by the Supreme Court guidelinesTwitterWhat are the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court on transporting children?The guidelines issued by the court and the Union Transport Ministry are as follows:a. School buses should be painted yellow.b. School Bus must be written on the back and front of the bus. If it is a hired bus, “on School Duty” should be clearly indicated.c. Bus should have a First Aid Box.d. Bus should be fitted with speed governor of the specified standard.e. The windows of Bus should be fitted with horizontal grills.f. There should be a fire extinguisher in the Bus.g. School Name and Telephone No. Must be written on the Bus.h. The doors of the Bus should be fitted with reliable locks.i. To keep the school bags safely, there should be a space fitted under the seats.j. There must be a qualified attendant in the Bus to attend to Children.k. Any parent or guardian sitting on the bus or a teacher may also travel to ensure these safety norms.l. The driver should have at least 05 years of experience driving heavy vehicles.m. A driver who has been challenged (fined) more than twice in a year for offences like red light jumping, violation of lane discipline of allowing an unauthorized person to drive cannot be employed.n. A driver who has been challenged (fined) even once for the offence of over speeding, drunken driving and dangerous driving etc. cannot be employed.last_img read more

Meghan Markles appearance at Wimbledon may have revealed baby Archies godparents

first_imgMeghan, Duchess of Sussex and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend day twelve of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 14, 2018 in London, England.Getty ImagesMeghan Markle was at Wimbledon to support one of her besties, Serena Williams. Reportedly, the Duchess of Sussex was joined by two old friends at Wimbledon today as she made a surprise appearance to cheer her pal Serena Williams to victory.Meghan Markle looked well-rested and joyous as she cheered on the Tennis champ. Meghan Markle was a fan in the stands as she watched Williams beat Kaja Juvan on Court One – alongside two friends from her days at Northwestern University in the U.S, sparking speculation they could be her son’s godparents.The two friends who joined Meghan were Lindsay Roth, who was expected to be her maid of honour until she decided against having one, and Genevieve Hillis, who co-hosted Meghan’s baby shower with Williams. Williams herself could be in the running to be baby Archie’s godparents. But at the moment, the couple Sussex is keeping their godparent preferences a secret. But it does look, like Meghan’s Hollywood friends are being favoured over the Royal Family.  Meghan MarkleGetty ImagesOn any other day, Prince William and Kate Middleton would have been a given to be godparents to Prince Harry’s child. But recent events in the Royal household has raised concerns. The couple Cambridge and the couple Sussex split the Royal household. Meghan and Hary also moved away from the Palace for the sake of baby Archie. They have made their thoughts clear about the Palace. So, it could be possible that baby Archie’s godparents may not be Royals at all. We have to say, that would be one controversial decision, even more so than deciding to hold baby Archie’s christening in private.last_img read more

Wattpad Appoints Devashish Sharma as First India Manager EXCLUSIVE

first_imgSharma has previously held roles in Toronto and Silicon Valley. He joins Wattpad from CoHo, one of India’s top co-living companies, where he was a founder. He will be based in Mumbai and report to Wattpad chief product officer & co-founder Ivan Yuen.“India is home to some of the most creative storytellers on the planet, with the most exciting literary and entertainment sectors anywhere,” said Lau. “Devashish understands both the product and community sides of technology, which is the perfect combination to help us expand our business in India.”“India’s media market is growing at an incredible pace, with producers and OTT services struggling to meet the demand for local content. India is a land of stories,” said Sharma.Earlier this year Wattpad hired Dexter Ong, as head of Asia for Wattpad Studios in Hong-Kong. In August, it struck a deal with Asian regional steaming platform Iflix to co-produce more than a dozen original movies in Indonesia. Wattpad, which hosts a platform with more than 400 million user-generated stories, has appointed Devashish Sharma as its first country head for India.Toronto-based Wattpad is home to a community of more than 70 million people who spend over 22 billion minutes a month engaged in original stories. Earlier this year it raised $51 million in a funding round led by China’s Tencent and also including BDC, Globe Telecom’s Kickstart Ventures, Peterson Group, and existing investor Raine Group.Sharma will be expected to grow Wattpad’s user-base in India, and work with local partners to turn Wattpad stories into film, television, print and digital projects. It currently claims 2.6 million monthly users and more than 4 million story uploads from India. Content can be viewed in Indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, Marathi, and Oriya. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15center_img Popular on Variety last_img read more