At 30 year old male choose which venture is good

said that men sanshierli, for many male compatriots, often at the age of thirty you need to carry the responsibility of family, family is the most basic requirements, now men wanted to support entrepreneurship is a good choice, what are the events.

for investment projects:

small lacquer



lacquer painting is one of the most ancient art form in China for thousands of years, the formation of a culture deeply rooted in the paint. Lacquer painting is a natural lacquer paintings as the main material, in addition to paint, there are gold, silver, lead, tin and shell, shell, stone, wood, etc.. It is not only art, and is closely related to people’s life and become a form of practical ornaments, murals, screens and frescoes etc..


] market prospects

the past only for lacquer painting art collection market, not broad market, the market price is 3000 yuan per square meter. The past two years painting aimed at families and office places, gradually into the mass market, prices continued to rise, some areas rose as high as 50% to 100%. Collectors said, because before this market was not large-scale development, investment appreciation space.

[business tips]

1. in the site, we should highlight the grade, to avoid the noisy small commodity market, art market, art colleges and universities around the building in the shop is more suitable. In a cafe waiting for consignment is low cost and good effect.

2. to carry out customized services according to the production of various customer needs painting.

3. can locate the main customer base in the home market, gift market, and this should be looking for partners, such as home soft decoration companies, gift companies, etc..

for investment projects: Bay small leather maintenance shop

for investment projects: small manual leather "recommended

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