But the wisdom of small bells

business process has a lot of detail we need to pay attention to, and often is often a small detail, but it can have a very big impact on the development of the business. One day, as usual, to visit the customer manager Fang Maoping town merchants Wang Xiuqin, just the door will be attracted to the cigarette on the counter Campanula, delicate and beautiful bells for the monotonous counter adds a vitality. Just decoration only, did not think there are other magical bells.

Wang sister in the store, in addition to cigarette products have a special display counters, other goods are purchased by customers themselves, over time, some customers actually open their own cigarette cabinet to take cigarettes. Inarticulate Wang sister afraid of offending customers, not much to say.


approach is not without thought, set up a barrier with a bench at the counter, they can be hard to move the bench yourself; to counter lock, can be busy and forgot to lock the door. So much so, had to remind myself a lot more snacks, pay more attention to the counter. Nevertheless, there was a cigarette theft incident, Wang sister very angry.

as she was helpless, suddenly, a clear voice came, Wang sister daughter playing with bells. Wang sister treasure, the wind chimes took over, hang it on the door to cigarette counter quickly, as long as the switch door, hear bells tinkling voice clearly.

think, although only a small bell, has a very big help to business development? Since then, no matter how busy business, heard the sound of bells, she will look at the cigarette cigarette counter, have never lost. Wang sister with a hand gently shaking Campanula, ethereal voice at the fingertips of drift, in her words: "I was really Campanula anti-theft experts ah!"

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