Supermarket goods how to display

opened a supermarket, the pressure is not the same, if you want a good business, nature also need to do more detailed work. In fact, the supermarket business has great relationships with the display of goods. Proper method of commodity display, can promote the sale of goods. So, how to display the supermarket goods?

a, display neat, convenient for customers to buy. The commodity is sold to customers, and customers generally into the supermarket up to twenty minutes, so, for the convenience of customers to buy goods, merchandise must not only be orderly, but also for the partition display, similar products in a region, the same brand of goods are placed in a row, so that customers at a glance easy to buy. However, if the goods are displayed in disorder and disorder, it will be difficult for customers to find the customers will lose their patience, which will result in the loss of customers.

two, consider customer age, display the corresponding commodity. Every day to patronize the supermarket customers, there are old people, adults and children, retail businesses in the display of goods, should take full account of this point. According to the elderly, adults, children’s height, the retail businesses in the display of goods, merchandise, merchandise display in adult male, female commodity shelf tall, old goods listed in a relatively low level, and children’s toys, food and other goods shelf bottom. This display makes different age customers to each one takes what he needs.

three, a variety of goods on display well-proportioned. As the saying goes, department store hundred guests. The more kinds of goods, the more able to attract more consumers into the store shopping. So, you should try to make the retail shop kinds of rich and colorful, not afraid of a small shop, not afraid of goods. Store many kinds of goods, will have to spend some time in the display, otherwise it will make "garish". Retail display of goods, should be classified and collocation according to the commodity size, shapes and shades, let the goods display the overall look more harmonious and pleasing to the eye, will cause customers to buy.


four, goods before, timely check out. Regardless of any kind of goods, should be placed in front of the shelf in place. After the end of the goods bought by customers, in a timely manner to fill up, if not promptly fill up to merchandise to front on the shelf, which is full to the brim. If the front end of the shelf is empty, the product is placed in the back end, not only does not produce a sense of volume, but also is not conducive to the customer to find, but also allows customers to produce goods on the shelf too long a sense of error, reduce customer purchase.

five, according to the commodity weight, size and price order display. In general, light weight, small volume of goods displayed on the upper shelf, high price, high profit goods displayed in the middle, the lower end of the display of cheap, large volume of goods. Because light weight, small volume of goods on display at the top, can make the shelf more stable. High margin goods are displayed in the middle

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