Suzhou Baiyangwan street to carry out entrepreneurship training to support farmers Entrepreneurship

although our country keeps the cultivated land area, but with the deepening of the development of rural areas, there are many landless peasants in China’s rural areas. After they left the land, they were trapped in reality. In order to help the landless peasants re employment, Suzhou Baiyangwan features a "business classification navigation", to a bit of land lost farmers entrepreneurs escort.

it is reported that in the Jinchang new city, now more and more like Qian Aifang the success of landless peasants. In recent years, Baiyang Bay Street to break the traditional service mode, change a single business support for the "Chi" guide, take the initiative to understand the entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship policy, link demand, market information, management, investment direction and capital Shen Fu played a combination of boxing, as a landless peasant entrepreneurs escort escort.

Baiyangwan street is located in the northwest of the ancient city, in recent years, with the vigorous development and construction area of many landless peasants into the city living room from Rural paddy field, 10 years ago, the area is only more than 2 people, now has a population of nearly 80 thousand, the new District population, all kinds of professional services market is big and many farmers went on the road of entrepreneurship, Qian Aifang is one of them.

and most farmers landless, just leave the countryside, Qian Aifang all around but still can not find work, due to the cultural level is not high, limited funds, lack of market information, once determined entrepreneurial she did not dare to try to step, therefore, Qian Aifang had the night of anxiety. In the street propaganda, she learned to business first "into the door", therefore, she found the street business service station for help. According to Qian Aifang’s intention, combined with the market situation, street business service station staff to provide some strategies and policies for her guidance, ignorant peasants Qian Aifang quickly mastered the necessary knowledge of entrepreneurship, embarked on her own.

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