How to control the operating costs

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catering industry has become the preferred industry the moment a lot of people of venture capital, which also led to the catering industry is facing fierce competition in the market, how to stabilize development in the severe market competition, cost control is a decisive factor.

fast food catering stores in the market, in order to make the project in the severe market there is a development, is easy to obtain wealth, so in business, entrepreneurs to correctly grasp the project in the severe market operating cost control method of understanding, then the project is in the development of severe on the market. Next, we make the following analysis on the operating cost control methods of fast food restaurants.

1. fast food franchise service: there is no standard equipment for use, for the rest of the food is not properly treated, the amount sold for food and kitchen shipments no detailed records, and delay to send food to the guests, will cause food waste and damage costs, fast food stores should be planning well in advance of the service process. Will help control costs.

2. menu: the standard price of each dish to make the necessary manpower, time, material, quantity and supply situation, will be reflected in the standard price, so the fast-food franchise menu design should pay attention to the above factors, choose the type and quantity of food. The standard price is in accordance with the production of a serving dish to the cost of food recipes. The method is to divide the sum of the prices of all the ingredients in a recipe by the full weight.

3. raw material procurement and use: purchase excess may cause storage difficulties, loss of opportunity to increase the food (especially fresh products), but the number is too small, and may result in short supply shortages and price increases. Therefore, fast food franchise investors to accurately predict sales, regular inventory, and flexibility to change some of the menu, in order to preserve the safety of the use of procurement and inventory management personnel are required to pay attention to the main points.

this paper is mainly from three aspects of the contents for entrepreneurs operating in the fast food restaurant franchise, the correct grasp of this project in the severe market operating cost control method to understand, so this project is a development in the severe market, it is easy to obtain wealth.

is facing fierce competition in the market, the catering industry has a very big development prospects. If the entrepreneur can control the cost in the severe market, not only to maintain the store’s continued operation, want to easily get wealth is no longer difficult.

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