A hemp spicy spicy pot to join what conditions

since its inception to the present, Beijing hemp a spicy spicy hot pot brand has been established for 8 years, in the eight years of Beijing Ma spicy food Co. Ltd. Vienna continue to explore innovative practice, has now developed into a green spicy pot of Sichuan Tujia primitive as the leading industries. In the raw material production, food development, management training, agents to join the national agency as one of the enterprises.

Ma spicy spicy hot pot with its unique original Sichuan Tujia flavor is green and healthy products, the flagship plant oil in the pan, one-time fashion, leisure and elegant style of decoration, warm and thoughtful service, deeply won the majority of customers praise, the company adhere to honesty, healthy operation, and promote the green health, fashion, leisure life concept, cater to the consumer trend to establish a good image and visibility of the brand image of the enterprise. As a result, we get a new communication platform for young people, such as the exchange of the title.

hemp spicy hot pot to meet the following four basic requirements

Established in October

2008 processing base and processing base in the procurement of raw materials, product development, logistics and distribution in one, improve and perfect the system of agent a hemp spicy spicy hot pot, is a spicy Ma a leap in quality. Now is a well-known food and beverage franchise brand, then join the brand what conditions?

a, join the store must have the basic conditions:

1. shop should choose a more prosperous business street or shopping mall in a better business atmosphere

2. shop area of 150 square meters, more than 400 square meters.

3. shop contract period shall not be less than 5 years, it is best to reach 8 years

4. in accordance with the city and the business district, the rent is best controlled within a reasonable range of shops.

5. shop to have an independent ad, to avoid being blocked by trees and so on.

6. store capacitance is not less than 1.5 times the total amount of electricity required for the overall store operations.

two, the shop should have to do the normal use of food and water conditions:

water: to provide diameter of 40 – 32mm of the independent water inlet and water meters, water pressure to meet the municipal water supply standards; water supply of not less than 300 tons / month.

drainage: supplied to Party B 150mm pipe diameter, or 100m>

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