How to choose the pot pot

to a physical store selection to a suitable location, we consider the factors that need to be very much. Only we combine all the factors, can let the store have a better location. And now more and more people are welcome pot, a lot of franchisees in the business to join the choice when the pot to join. So, the vast number of franchisees, you know how to choose the pot? Here is the small series for everyone to sort out the incense pot how to select the location of the information, can provide a reference for the majority of entrepreneurs.

1. look around the traffic is convenient


of modern society, more and more busy, every day on the subway to see very hastily. Office workers have 2 days off a week, and even more, they have only a 1 day break. Therefore, people choose to travel in the weekend dinner or dating, will choose to facilitate traffic areas. The flow of guests for the food and beverage industry is its life, convenient transportation areas will bring adequate flow of people. Therefore, in order to facilitate the selection of incense pot stores around the traffic is convenient.

2. look around the flow of people is not a huge

traffic is the life of the food and beverage industry, so, for the pot pot store, the flow of people around the store is not a key factor in the need to pay attention to the huge site. Usually in the residential area or the city’s commercial center will have a lot of people flow. So, in the pot pot for the store location, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the surrounding traffic is convenient.

3. look around whether there are many stores in the same industry

if there are a lot of the same industry in the location around the store, then, in the days after the operation there will be a lot of unnecessary vicious competition. Therefore, we need to avoid the vicious competition in the pot pot store location as much as possible.

want to choose a store to a suitable location, we need to consider the factors very much, in short, the appropriate location for shops development will have a very large influence, investors also need to have a lot of attention. So, if you come to open a pot pot, you know how to choose?

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