How to do the marketing name fruit shop

in the current market environment to do business, despite the many factors involved, but marketing is always a very important point. Marketing is a term that is often talked about and studied by the industry. What is marketing? Clear, is to let consumers see you, remember you, you choose, is also the positioning theory in the sense of "occupied the minds of consumers". So, how can the fruit store success marketing?

small in Shanghai Longwu imported fruit and vegetable wholesale market (according to relevant data, for the East China’s largest import fruit and vegetable wholesale market) visits, find an interesting marketing method, is the marketing name.


is named after the name of the name

found that there are a lot of small fruit shop is named after the surname or family name, such as "Hu fine fruit", "Chen fruit", "Xiao Ming fruit", etc.. Some shopkeepers said that although these names are ordinary, not what art taste, but can give customers a feeling of intimacy. Link name and name, then it is easy to find when visiting customers, help maintain customer resources is stable, conducive to the establishment of a trust, reduce the loss of customers.

has better meaning of name

this kind of fruit name "Qingfeng fruit", "healthy fruit", etc.. This kind of fruit contains the name of good meaning, gives people a sense of Shule, can satisfy the customer’s pursuit of the good things of the psychological, whether it is life or career, contains a beautiful blessing, is also easier to capture the customer’s mind.

can skillfully Lenovo name

, such as the farmer orchard, easy to make people think of natural, simple and other characteristics, to attract customers. "The days of fruit industry, fruit is from heaven, perhaps the emperor old son eat Royal fruit, giving the feeling tall. Xiaobian to impress, is like "toot fruit cents" and "really good" this kind of fruit shop. "Toot fruit cents", as if to bring people into a pure and beautiful fairy tale world.

also, "Xian" and "fresh" is a homonym, Xian Qi, fresh and delicious, who can resist that temptation? "Really good", "fruit" and "fruit" and the word "really good" and "fruit" to form a smart Lenovo, such a clever strange thinking, is full of fun, and that the quality of fruit is underlined, believe that customers is hard to resist.


is named after the main business name

"tropical fruit as clear as noonday Taiwan direct", will convey a clear message to the customer, the customer told me here is selling Taiwan.

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