How to open a clothing store

many people choose to open a clothing store to entrepreneurship, and financial management involves the location of various links to open a shop, the operator of one of the links is not comprehensive considering sudden fracture is likely to lead to investment chain. All operating methods are particularly important.

The downtown is not necessarily the best

if to open an own clothing store, should start from where? The store’s location and selection of products is a magic weapon for winning, the two well resolved, store profits more than 70% grasp. Pay attention to the choice of business district. Clothing store location is very important, it is important to determine the survival of businesses.

in the site before, we must first determine the customer base is selected. Taking Beijing as an example, if the choice of 18-25 year old women as customers, shop in Xidan than in Dongsi right. Because although the same is the bustling commercial street, but the east area shops in 25-30 year-old white-collar women, the goods are excellent in quality, the price is relatively high; while Xidan in the face of the customer is younger, pay more attention to the choice of clothing styles, fabrics and workmanship are not for other details too picky. This is to pay attention to the concept of "business district".

The significance of

Market Research


, for example, if there are a number of casual clothing store in casual clothes around, the level of competition will naturally fierce, then can dislocation business, will target the ladies or occupation, the effect may be better; for example, if the investigation shows that this consumer preference of Shanghai brand, not love Wenzhou brand, then can give priority to join the Shanghai brand. After all these problems clear, can be targeted to find sources.

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