2016 Henan province wheat harvest has been basically completed

crops, a lot of time, need to rely on the "heaven", because this year some time ago has been rainy, so for the Henan province situation caused by the influence of the wheat harvest. At present, Henan province 2016 wheat harvest has been basically completed, we look at the specific reports.

summer this year even on rainy days, adversely affect the wheat harvest in Henan province. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday, around the time to seize the fine weather, speed up the rush rush in the harvest. As of June 11th 17, the province’s wheat harvest 78 million 680 thousand acres, 81 million acres of cultivated area accounted for 97.1% of Henan Province, the bulk of the fall harvest.

6 11, the Provincial Agricultural Bureau announced that the province’s dispatched mower 52 thousand, harvesting rate reached 98%. To the south of the Yellow River on the whole end of the wheat harvest. Yubei wheat area in Huaxian, Xinxiang, Puyang, the basic end of the wheat harvest, has received 90%, Hebi, Jiaozuo 70%, Anyang, more than half of the harvest.

summer sowing, as of June 11th, the province’s total summer sown area of 78 million 490 thousand acres, accounting for an estimated area of 86.3%, the daily progress of 4 million 400 thousand acres. 57 million 80 thousand acres of grain crops have been sown, accounting for an area of about 89.2%, of which the corn has been sown in the area of 43 million 430 thousand acres, rice has been planted into the area of 4 million 540 thousand acres; peanut has been sown by the area of 9 million 650 thousand acres of vegetables have been sown acres.

according to the regional division, Luohe, Zhumadian, Shangqiu, Luyi summer near the end, Zhoukou, Nanyang, Anyang, Huaxian, Changyuan summer 90%, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Hebi, Xinyang, Gongyi, Xincai 80%.


farmers in planting crops, for a harvest, often facing the Loess back into the air, the sun is the sweat, but if the bad weather, the harvest is often filled with tears! Hope that the continuous development of science and technology, the cultivation of farmers can be fully mechanized, so that migrant workers are more relaxed!

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