How to choose the best restaurant

tea drinking coffee has now become a lot of friends leisure way, we found a lot of tea market. Tea restaurant is between the restaurant and the most popular fast-food catering establishments, its characteristic is fast, with a changeable, affordable price, then the way Chinese and Western, open a restaurant to the location it?

in Shenzhen is "the bank more than rice shops, restaurant more than bank". If your goal is white-collar consumer groups and those of the higher requirements for the quality of life of people, the pursuit of mood and atmosphere, "the combination of traditional culture and urban atmosphere", that should open the tea or tea is selected, tea restaurant this form of mass consumption trying to attract white-collar workers in the high-end consumer is appropriate also, I hope you think twice! After all, a good project is half the success, so in the choice of projects, we must be cautious.

second, the restaurant industry lower barriers to entry, the competition is very fierce, if you choose to enter this industry, you need to spend some time in features, the key is in the food, service, atmosphere and other operators to widen the gap.

finally, you should be more careful about the location of the tea restaurant, the location of the catering industry is often related to the success or failure of the business. You have a tea restaurant near the shopping site survey how much, how many consumer groups, especially in terms of traffic, but also to the statistics of traffic during the day and night, working day and holiday in different period of time, to ensure that the minimum traffic time, at least it can recover the cost.

you also have to consider the rental price and the relevant property conditions, such as water, electricity, coal, sewage, etc.. For example, KFC and McDonald’s restaurants, always through a rigorous method to calculate the traffic, customer consumption tendency, consumption ability and consumption habits of the location before, this is very worthy of the catering industry entrepreneurial learning!

The above is about the introduction of

restaurant to the location, I hope to help you, if you want to successfully open a restaurant shop, we have to study a lot, a lot of analysis, so as to open smoothly, bonanza.

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