mported food stores to face what competition

in the food market as a whole, because of the change in people’s demand, imports of food began to have more and more broad market space. In short, imported food is a potential and profit are considerable industry, therefore, to open a shop of imported food, we must understand the characteristics and the main form of competition between imported food stores, understand the market, can help you easily control your shop, do a good job in goods and capital. The turnover, to maximize profit.

1. price competition is the most important competitive situation. In fact, imported food store prices compared with ordinary supermarkets, should be cheap 10% to about 15%, the main reason lies in the following points: one is because of imported food store purchase directly from manufacturers, the no turnover steps; two is the ordinary supermarket of imported food shop will not entrance fee discount fee, return rate and other costs; three is imported food service personnel costs will be relatively cheap, because work is relatively easy;

2. import food shop location of the competitive environment, the environmental characteristics of imported food store reflected in indoor decoration, such professional decoration reflect the shops and supermarket, in contrast, comprehensive convenience shopping environment will be relatively poor, this is not conducive to attracting more customers to buy goods;

3. imported food store service competition is the main competition form, advantages and disadvantages of different service above the competition is mainly reflected in the professional, this is where the imported food store is one of the main reasons to obtain advantages, customer purchase and goodwill;

Imported food products

4. quality competition, the quality of the product competition embodied in the product quality difference, mainly refers to the quality, which is the basis for decision of imported food stores, but also the most common store place easy to neglect, professional support and service quality is the mutual integration, mutual promotion;

5. on imported food store products competition, ordinary supermarket will sell all kinds of daily necessities of life, from the practical to eat and drink will be included, but as if the imported food store, it must be from high to low overall selling every kind of food imports, even in the same type of products, but also to do something the difference, to meet the various needs of people, this is the root of imported food stores to attract more customers, because only in this can find what they really need products.

if we want to be involved in the business, we need to know more about the market, and to know what kind of competition we will face when we operate. In short, to understand the competitive characteristics of imported food stores, and better use of imported equipment to attract customers at times, can help you win more popularity and more lucrative profits.

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