Open soil restaurant whether there is money

when people have been accustomed to eating food, the most attractive but become a vegetable farm soil, burning method with the traditional pollution-free food is a sign of people’s pursuit of healthy life. Nowadays, investing in a local restaurant has no money? What is the investment advice to local restaurant?

"taxi" driver is a city of a visible scenery, although they are so rush, but they are also ordinary people have to eat, rest. May wish to open a taxi driver restaurant, I believe the market outlook is good.

A, before the opening of 1 preparations need to know your city has a number of "taxi driver," they usually gather in what place, which point number. Do a good job in these market research, in order to choose a good place to shop.

2. restaurant layout. The restaurant doesn’t have to cost too much. However, we must keep clean, sanitary, preferably in a small corner of the window, such as placing some green plants.

3. select employees. Usually taxi drivers do not have a regular meal time, therefore, the staff of the restaurant to be ready at any time, select the staff, we must choose those who move quickly, more flexible.

4. site selection. As far as possible in the selection of some of the city’s major refueling, filling stations near, or some of the main roads and large traffic flow. Such a natural place to do better, but the drawback is that the venue is relatively high rents, will increase operating costs, while the driver is not necessarily convenient parking.

two, investment profit analysis upfront open such a "taxi" restaurant at around 100 thousand yuan, including the cost of rent. In general the two city hotel, the annual rental can be controlled in less than 30 thousand yuan; plus ordinary decoration, purchase furniture, kitchen utensils and other products, generally require 2 to 30 thousand yuan; the general fast food service personnel wages in 600 yuan (the bag eats), please 2 ~ 3 attendants 2, a chef (1500 yuan per person per month). If you are in accordance with the daily traffic of 300 passengers, the cost of each meal to about $8 to calculate the daily income of up to 2400 yuan, down a year can be profitable.

three, shop recommended "taxi" restaurant to do the following: one is the taste of the food is easy to chew. Because the driver eating time is short, if the food is not easy to chew, if things go on like this will affect drivers, digestive function. Two is a good joint service. The restaurant can extend the service project, for example can help drivers of washing and wiping, a lower cost, but also can provide convenient services for drivers, such as change, provide.

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