North talented woman response to public opinion questioned Express also need high degree talents

delivery is a talented Peking University event set off a wave of public, recently, the "North talented woman" has finally made the venture questioned: Express also need a high degree of talent! Xiao Bian also believes that all walks of life need highly educated personnel!


29 day, the reporter in Sichuan, Deyang, a courier station to see the inventory of goods Xu Lu. In the face of the Internet "who needs a courier to send the" Peking University talented "question, Xu Lu said:" I think the high degree of talent delivery without any problems."


"now is not a simple courier parcels sent to the customer, scientific computing optimization and effective cost control to support knowledge." Xu Lu said, although she will be in business hours and staff together, sweep, cargo loading, but as a manager, he is more to do management work.

"express is a common occupation, Ph.D., pupils can enter, the key is that you have to treat their work seriously." Xu Lu said, after the accident fame, many companies have thrown olive branch to her, but the last three years, she still intends to stay in his hometown courier station to continue to venture.

earlier media reports said Xu Lu in 2000 admitted to the Peking University, majoring in journalism at Peking University in 2000, and there is no such person in the list.

"I undergraduate at the University of Peking University, got the diploma, these are the facts, the university culture is the although we enter the campus all-embracing, in different ways, but they are the students of Peking university." Xu Lu showed reporters her "graduation certificate", "certificate of bachelor’s degree" and credit file screenshots and pointed out that the initial media reports is wrong, she entered the north through the adult college entrance examination in 2004, 2010 in the Graduate School of Southwest Jiao Tong University.



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