Xiaobian for your inventory of 15 money ideas

now the employment pressure is very big, the competition is very cruel, in the face of the difficulties of life, the work that the wages has been unable to maintain life, so many people want to do some part-time jobs to earn extra money, so what the project is suitable for office workers? Next, Xiaobian for you to bring 15 ideas to make money.

1 website or blog, only a certain flow, rely on advertising to make money.

2, do Wangzhuan, spend some time to earn pocket money

3, play games, help people upgrade, play equipment, sell the number.

4, help people lit QQ icon, help people hang QQ.

5, through technology, then the task in Witkey, bidding work to make money. Can also participate in the game, such as logo design. (of course, you need to have graphic design, programming, or advertising, etc.)

6, or QQ number, the inside game account, virtual host, domain name and so on.

7, Taobao, pat and other sites to open the shop, as long as there are good projects, or promotion to do a good job. Good returns.

8 and application forum moderators, email, and customer communication


9, do online part-time SEO, help people to promote the website, promote products.

10, such as Baidu library, Douding network, nipic released resources to make money, design resources, the resources.

11, create money, that is to write articles to make money. Like the beginning of the achievements of many authors.

12, typing to make money, but mostly liar, really can do almost no platform.

13, translation to make money, but also a technical work. There are many places on the Internet to receive such a list.

14, paid to make money, that is, the site allows you to pay for the payment of the mail, do research, try to book and browse the web page. The websites that pay you to complete the book are usually made by drawing.

15, handicraft money, homegrown products include website templates, audio clips or even your own ebook.

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