The Royal Jubilee investment tribute tea to create a healthy nourishment

with modern people’s love for the tribute tea, a lot of people want to open a tribute tea stores, Royal Jubilee tribute tea drinks in the field of development has a long history, the Royal Jubilee tribute tea has been well received by consumers. Royal Jubilee tribute tea because of the unique taste and changing tastes, quickly won the hearts of consumers, as the popularity of the Royal Jubilee tribute tea drinks, preferably also many businesses.


] Royal Jubilee tribute tea what

in today’s society, tea culture is very popular, but the real high quality tea is not much. Royal Jubilee tribute tea adhere to the principle of quality first, every cup of tea with one hundred percent pure raw materials, no artificial flavors added, will not pursue low price at the expense of quality, constantly optimize the product and its own system, ensure the natural and pure taste of green tea. Good quality and good reputation of the brand quickly popular in the country.


] Royal Jubilee tribute tea market

with the changing of people’s consumption concept and the way of life, tea has become one of the most popular types of drinks now. China tea consumption market is almost 30% annual growth rate, market share Chinese beverage consumption 20%, more than fruit juice drinks, a great catch-up potential of carbonated drinks, Chinese tea industry will usher in a brighter future. Royal Jubilee tribute tea insist that their tea with high quality standard strictly, not only the quality of the tea itself has a very strict requirements, but also tea on tea production process, logistics and distribution system for continuous optimization, showing a cup of good tea, good market reputation prospects.

[Royal Jubilee tribute tea procedure]

1, consult: consulting and understand the imperial tribute tea Jubilee joining policy, product characteristics and marketing concept. In 2, the investigation and analysis: the franchisee’s local economy and consumption situation, sales; other beverage chain competitiveness. 3, join the application: know the conditions of joining the company to submit a unified format of "join the application form". 4, qualification: sales staff will promptly verify the relevant information with you, and give a preliminary reply. 5, the signing of the agreement: franchisee to the company to pay a fixed brand margin, signed a cooperation agreement signed. 6, opening preparation: make preparations before the opening and propaganda work. In 7, the opening ceremony: the official opening operation, holding celebrations and promotional activities.

Royal Jubilee tribute tea to retain the characteristics of flavor, moderate, Royal Jubilee tribute tea to the original milk cap for tea beverage flagship stores in the jubilee, imperial tribute tea, consumers can experience all kinds of creative fun drinks, is a popular project.

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