When a 90 entrepreneurs now what

is known to be as early as possible is no problem, but some early is not necessarily a good thing. Entrepreneurial tide is extremely fierce, when it comes to be able to bring a few entrepreneurs into the public view, and when the retreat, it may take away the glory of several entrepreneurs. The road is full of entrepreneurial survival of the fittest cruel, those 90 entrepreneurs a year now what? Share a few look.

1.  22 year old Harvard student Hugh "cloud as the chain is peeling

22 years old as the founder of the chain of   &   CEO, gold card. The legend is a Forbes China 30 list of 30 entrepreneurs under the age the youngest, 4 School of Harvard University home business.

do is called a "cloud as the chain ‘products, according to the official introduction, its greatest value lies in the video content into a two-way interactive one-way output form.

looks so cool, I also look at this function in the end is how a principle. Take a look at the clouds are being held in the end what is the chain of high-tech.

question: Technology of pseudo innovation, according to know friends broke the news, this technology has long before someone doing it, technically not fresh.

Question two:

2.  a flash in the pan face MOE

adorable face, mobile APP a comic avatar. With DIY cartoon picture, how many boys and girls are young artists like this, at that time, no doubt is the most eye-catching adorable face, since the capital market of tens of millions of Chinese currency directly to pound the adorable face, let the full 90 entrepreneurial team overnight was pushed in the teeth of the storm.

mode is simple, easy to copy, it is flawed adorable face, especially in the domestic market, COPY was too common. In addition, it can only be a burst of red flash fireworks, the most beautiful moments will make people lose interest.

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