Where can open an adult store

with the change of people’s life concept, adult products began to be welcomed by many people, so that this special market began to usher in the development of a good opportunity. However, if you want to open such a shop to make money, naturally also need to do a good job site. So, where can I open an adult store?

investment is small, low risk, profit is not cheap, accurate positioning, is the four major advantages of the adult supplies store is generally recognized by investors. But in the actual business process, some of the problems ignored so many investors have lost.

entertainment is not the best place to Adult supplies shop, not open shop!

shop, many people will be locked in the vicinity of the entertainment venues. And that is Adult supplies stores are only 10 square meters, the scale is too small, it is difficult to improve profitability, and choose to open more than 40 square meters of shops "". But this result is often open for half a year still bleak. The reason is that Adult supplies store near the best location is not entertainment, and not open shop.

the right location is near the community. The successful experience of the industry believes that the real target population of adult stores mainly concentrated in the relatively large community of personnel. Although there is a demand for high-end communities, but the purchase of such special products, such as adult products, usually another channel, rarely patronize stores.

and in large communities, the first is the needs of all walks of life, followed by those real customers on stealth, which need to slowly cultivate and discover". Therefore, the best choice of adult goods stores in the store is not particularly conspicuous, but the crowd concentrated place. Analysis of the surrounding consumer groups is one of the standards, 20 – to 40 year old male population is relatively more.

shop scale, due to the particularity of adult products, people do not like the purchase of ordinary daily necessities to the store to buy. The advantage of the adult supplies store is less shop villain, 20 square meters more appropriate. Buyers and sellers from the distance, easy to communicate, narrow space to increase customer security.

so, if you are ready to enter such a special industry, want to earn a good future, wealth for themselves so, might as well choose at the same time attention in a large community, next to Adult supplies store shop size is not large.

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