Joey Wong’s birthday is the same sun photograph is not the old goddess

famous movie star Joey Wong recently on the network drying out the photo is 49 years old birthday, she was still young and beautiful, tall and slim, netizens praised as if the time is in still around her.

since interest actress, Joey Wong rarely appeared in public, but occasionally get photos on social networking sites. Joey Wong drying out in 49 years old birthday photo, she did not dress, but wearing a simple jeans and sneakers, a beautiful black hair, a pair of thin legs still maintain super good, looks like a young girl.

2003 in March 21st, Chyi Chin in the capital of Beijing sports hall     hold the spring equinox concert, at the end of the big screen on the release of the Joey Wong shot in Canada video greetings. In 2003, the producer, Tang Chen boss Ms. Xu Feng invited Joey Wong starring movie "beautiful Shanghai" mainland team, this is   Joey Wong’s farewell film career, she played a work in the United States Shanghai family’s daughter in the occupation of electronic engineers. Joey Wong came before the last movie "beautiful Shanghai" in 2004   exhibition; Kwangju Film Festival, but Joey Wong did not attend the event.

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