There are opportunities to fight piracy

in today’s era of rampant piracy, piracy has become an inevitable topic, Chinese is still in the process of the development, which makes speculation to. There will be opportunities in the market, the fight against piracy can also become a way to get rich!

piracy can let some criminals overnight, Shenzhen Wangshang cultural group launched a new way of anti piracy rights, to achieve the   "to combat piracy, all favorable" profit model, to fight piracy has become a people’s war, why worry about piracy not less as China largest genuine copyright, the network is still the social development plays a huge role in promoting.

the "resurrection of the dragon" this movie video after the four men also demand the "landscape and beautiful woman" and other films. Each film has to pay 78 yuan, each film is about 40 minutes fast playback and video. 3.5 hours, they asked for 5 movies, pay $390. It was a quick play and video, and then hurried out of the hotel. These four people mysteriously to the hotel video is what to do

Li Zhiyong to do the film products anti piracy, a person can earn ten million yuan a year, this is indeed more than.

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