How to find the three partnership venture co-founder right

We know that

, the founder of a company is not a simple matter, a person weak, the business partnership has more advantages. Founder of the company needs to do the first thing to increase the probability of success in business, is to find one or two reliable co-founder.


precisely because of this idea, I thought of a way to solve the problem, is to find the co-founder, is the problem of deconstruction. Here are the steps I’m looking for:

1, do you want to know what type of CO founders you need? Set aside some time to do a deep self assessment, including technical and emotional aspects. What advantages do you need for the co founders? What is the difference between your own team? What are the issues that need to be filled?

2, set up the company’s development stage and objectives. I find it easier to talk to potential co founders after I have the company’s broad goals and routes. I hear people talk about good ideas every day, but with Gary , Vaynerchuk, "creativity is not sexy". Perhaps a beginning, co-founder of more love alone, did not honor the commitment before, or a start will reveal the urgent need to improve the shortage of the field team.

3, first date, then married. Many people will hear the saying, "a company is like marriage". Will you meet in just a few weeks, even in a very short period of time?

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