The Council of Tongji University innovation funds for the first time meeting held the day before

to encourage students to entrepreneurship, but also to give more students to provide better entrepreneurial guidance services, now the major colleges and universities have set and entrepreneurship related institutions, and convene. The first meeting of the Council of the Tongji University innovation venture fund in Japan before formally convened.

Held in Yifu Building Council

Tongji University innovation fund first meeting the day before. President Pei Gang, vice president Wu Jiang, deputy party secretary Xu Jianping, a member of the Council of Tongji University, Tongji University Alumni Association vice president Xu Yongming, Shanghai City Engineering Consultants Limited by Share Ltd, alumni Ni Ning, general manager of Zhenge fund representatives, Shanghai excellent moment Mdt InfoTech Ltd, alumni Hu Jiehuan, general manager of Shanghai Zhi Da, founder of science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Huang Zhiming alumni Dean, School Alumni Association, and other relevant departments to participate in the meeting.


meeting introduced the first capital of Tongji University alumni charity fund innovation and entrepreneurship "release of the program.

on behalf of the school to the generous donation of steel Pei "Tongji University alumni charity fund innovation and entrepreneurship" and join the alumni Fund Council, contribute to the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship of Tongji University alumni career thanks. He believes that innovation and entrepreneurship for a university, a city, a nation and a society is very important; on Tongji, innovation is an important part of teaching, is an indispensable link in the talent training system.

has been the school of innovation and entrepreneurship and general organic combination of education, let 100% students have innovation quality, cultivate students’ sense of social responsibility; the theoretical study and practice of organic combination of education, let the students to complete 10% innovative programs, so that innovation and entrepreneurship as their labels; will develop policies and funds etc. support for innovation and entrepreneurship project team relative access, so that 1% of the students "natural" the establishment of quality innovation enterprise.

he stressed that in the process of innovation and entrepreneurship there is failure, but failure is also a kind of "innovation and entrepreneurship education; Tongji University alumni charity fund is to help people in Tongji failed when a" soft landing ", when" at the start there is pointing, help in the start-up time "". In the future, the school will be the top-level design, the alumni career, innovation and entrepreneurship education and the social aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship fund integration in a system framework, and jointly promote the cultivation of innovative pull together in times of trouble, entrepreneurial talent.

Wu Jiang said, "Tongji University alumni charity fund innovation and entrepreneurship" in the days after the operation process in order to encourage the use of funds based on the collection of more "Tongji resources" through this platform, from the tutor, market and other aspects of help "Tongji entrepreneurs".

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