Emerging entrepreneurial career – net red circle has formed the industrial chain

Internet era, the birth of a number of new entrepreneurial groups. There is such a class of Internet entrepreneurs, they gathered in the network virtual space popularity, with fame to promote profitability, so that the network red has become a new idol career.

"Red Net", the network Reds referred to as exclusive terms is also a characteristic of the era of network. The word refers to from the first few good-looking women to expand the female anchor, model, game commentary and so on all kinds of "Reds", with the tide of the Internet, more and more people in the network, also brought out more and more popular because of reds, not sticking to formalities. Pictured November 7, 2015, at ten o’clock in the evening, online game anchor Onokazu in front of the computer and fans interact. She has a virtual home in a live broadcast platform, relying on the game for the players to explain, get fans to send virtual gifts to income. She graduated from college this year, she can earn more than 10000.

in the role of the network anchorwoman, "Indoorsman" to find a virtual company, "goddess" is to build up the family fortunes. In some large broadcast platform, some female anchor can do the annual income of millions, they have their own loyal fans, these fans by giving various virtual gifts and other forms of consumption, to prove their love of female anchor. On the evening of November 7th, due to the broadcast late, Onokazu was asked to do the broadcast exercises". Onokazu at least 6 hours a day in front of the computer to live, live platform in accordance with the number of anchors of the audience, the audience will be the number of anchors to get the recommended position of the home page.

and other industries, once there is a degree of concern, "red" has become an industry, in order to concern about the realization, network platform, companies, brokers, and planning "performers" gradually formed a complete ecological chain, in this new business is puzzling change radically and there are flashy noisy, in the traditional industry and competition rules. Also at ten in the evening, Zhou Lingxiang finished the day’s work back home to start playing the game. On the Internet, he uses the pseudonym "waves", as early as in the period of University, because he interpretation of electronic games and popular network game – dota. Is now a father he is co-founder of a gaming company, micro-blog has nearly one million followers.

Zhang Xiaofan package under the bar, the largest room for his birthday party, a table full of expensive champagne, tonight she will spend several million yuan. Then she had a party on micro-blog. Soon got hundreds of fans of the point like". The fans are also offering their birthday wishes and the luxury of her life. Through social networks, netizens watched "Reds" their lives, these scenes are carefully planned, in order to maintain the "red" required attention.

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