The 12 store project strongly know! Unlimited business opportunities!

with the rhythm of life, the pressure is increasing, in order to allow more young people to easily start, set up shop as business form, has gradually taken! For open shop or open the store, but most people still each one has its own merits, love to go to the store to buy goods directly! So now what the store is better? Today Xiaobian recommended several store shop project,

for reference!

what store better? Lovers gift shop

the project establishment conditions similar to ordinary boutique, but the operating style is different, it pays more attention to the business of a " " the word should be both practical and let people feel warm and warm. In addition, the market survey is also very important, the couple gifts are closely followed by fashion, do not understand the needs of consumers and blind self management and development is likely to lead to poor sales.

what store cars boutique

is better?

what store is better? Animation and game accessories shop

the project mainly engaged in selling game cards and game accessories, cartoon character models, game strategy Raiders manual animation and game related products; provide the game engine and upgrade services. Before opening the shop, you need to understand the current market that is currently the most popular animation games and game consoles, etc., and then commodity analysis and positioning, the right to choose around the school. Initial investment is mainly rent, renovation, purchase of equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, 3-5 million to open business.

what store is better? The ball inflatable rental shop celebration products

what store is better? The old clothes shop


the project to break the traditional big change small, fat thin, fill the holes in the scope of services, mainly to provide creative design restructuring clothing for customers, while providing restructuring accessories, such as ribbons, beads, zippers etc.. Clothes that don’t fit or fall behind

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