n order to protect others by Huanggang police body on the injured bomb bomb

is the beginning of the three month, Huanggang city police to protect others injured before he was bombed, earth bomb is going to explode, with his own body to suppress, to avoid more casualties.

2016 in February 10th, at 9 o’clock in the morning, the streets are led patrol Wu Jun received 110 orders: "please quickly rushed to the pagoda springs town village 8 groups of support, there is an explosion scene."

Wu Jun lead the SWAT team members rushed to the scene, I saw a triple adobe house, South police station and the room is a middle-aged man with a confrontation. The man from time to time from opening the door to throw explosives, with the boom boom array ring, blown soil splash, smog. All of a sudden, people near to the hut.

Wu Jun seriously. Fortunately, Wu and his mother were rescued, a large number of fireworks inside the house was not ignited detonated, the surrounding villagers near no injuries.


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