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camera, in our lives, has been very popular, but also very popular with consumers love the brand to join the project. How about a Blincam camera? Quality first. Join the Blincam camera project, can be described as the best choice for worry free business. So, what are you waiting for?

Blincam camera to make money?

The following

new intelligent hardware introduced cattle, it is a creative design from Japan, this is a can be hung on any glasses on the camera, and the user only need to blink can control the intelligent hardware camera, sensor on the special design, the Blincam camera can distinguish the human nature blink blink and intentional difference, when the sensor users think is deliberately blink will screen shot, then through Bluetooth photographs to the smart mobile phone pairing in synchronization.

although it is quite convenient to use, but the Blincam camera seems to be faced with the same problem and Google glasses, that is, in the case of other people do not know the shooting of the privacy issues. Blincam is not what the concept of product Oh, it currently has in some foreign websites began to raise the public, is expected to be available in the first half of 2017. Look! That’s it. Now the technology is getting closer and closer to us.

How about a

Blincam camera? Has been in the use of strength to speak, has been in the face of the fact that the positive brand to join the project. If you are interested in joining the Blincam camera project, you are welcome to inquire!

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