Ruzhou the idea of entrepreneurship on the ability to use the law enforcement investigators

provincial economic development needs is the leading role of government officials, therefore, in the "13th Five-Year" period, emphasizes the importance of the party building. Ruzhou city procuratorate stressed the need to focus on the business, the ability to use law enforcement investigators.

3 23 July, the Ruzhou municipal procuratorate held 2016 annual work conference and the anti-corruption work conference. The school party secretary, the attorney general Liu Xinyi asked the hospital police officers closely linked to the economic development of Ruzhou new normal, concentrate on the general business, the ability to be used in law enforcement, the lower the effort to implement the plan, strive for new achievements.

the government and the people of one mind, the natural economic construction will become better and better in innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, but also the need for strict management style construction.



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