Let entrepreneurs lose customers several mistakes

1, find excuses for yourself. If you have a public relations companies: you can’t finish the work before the deadline, so how will you deal with the customer’s complaints and grievances? Do not look for the reason to say: "I was overwhelmed with a heavy workload, so have no time to do what you plan.

2, ignore feedback. Most customers don’t tell you about their grievances, just turn around and leave for another deal! Use some extra time to get their attention, set the time for a private meeting, or do a theme of discussion, and your direct telephone customer contact, or ask them to answer some questions on.

3, negative thinking slack. Is it easy to start your own business? Think about it, once you start a business, you have to be ready to run for cash and carry a lot of petty and heavy burdens. But no matter how hard it is, you have to keep your head up and smile. People just want to do business with people who are confident.

4, damage the reputation of competitors. How do you tell your customers and potential customers that your competitors, they can also say how you. When someone asks you how your company in the fierce competition with X’s accumulated wealth, can answer " in this way; X’s products is indeed very good (or strong) but allow me to tell you, why customers choose our company. "

5, take care of your customers. Once you slack off, you lose. Don’t take it for granted that the customer has bought it once in your life, and it will be your lifelong customer. Even as you read this passage of time, your competitors may be ready to plan how to be your customers away when.

6, complacent. Don’t have a little success on the progress, the rapid development in the market today, if you do not develop, only put up the shutters part. Continue to educate yourself, attend seminars, read professional books and magazines to become a pioneer in your industry

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