Agency service can make shop business fire

how can a shop to make business unpopular, and now many shopkeepers are constantly thinking about the way out, and constantly seek more ways. In fact, a small shop to do business, develop in a big supermarket "crack", not just staring at the money, but be willing to invest in customers, let the customer feel your shop is human, you think the owner is trustworthy and make friends with people.

my shop in front of the District, close to the main road of the city, the usual source to the residential tenants, supplemented by passers-by. In addition to the sale of daily necessities, but also to sell fruit, usually 32 days to go to the outskirts of the fruit wholesale market to purchase. To sell fruit profits accounted for more than 30% of the entire store profits, while the area of household consumption of fruit, to account for half of fruit sales. But since last year, I decided to sell the fruit of this profit to let go out.

my approach is that every time in the face of fruit wholesale market purchase, will the small blackboard there all kinds of fruit wholesale price cut to shop abroad, who needs what fruit, much weight, I will according to their needs, help them to give back the free fruit wholesale market. General fruit profits in more than 30%, so that customers spend the same money to buy more weight, you say they are happy unhappy? Therefore, at ordinary times, my shop will be surrounded by a lot of customers who let me bring fruit.

originally fruit can have such a big profit, but provides the agency service, such a profit naturally lost. Therefore, many colleagues have said I was stupid, money will not earn; and the District of the customer said I was a friend, a human touch, worthy of trust. Sometimes, the home of a commodity is out of stock, they will wait a day for two days, is not willing to go elsewhere to buy. By purchasing fruits such initiatives, I lost some money, but more and more intangible returns, deepen me emotions, enhance the competitiveness of the shop.

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