How new customers can do a good job in cigarette sales

no matter what kind of business, it is impossible to always be a regular customer, often will form a number of new customers. For example, with the increase in economic development and the influx of foreign population, there will be some new cigarette retail customers to join. In these new customers, there is a never contact the cigarette business customers, there is also a part of "undocumented households is positive for" card "customers.

no matter what kind of customers, it should be said that they are very lack of knowledge of the cigarette business, because they are too short to contact the cigarette sales. In this case, the new customers want to do a good job of cigarette sales, increase operating income has a certain degree of difficulty. So, how can we do a good job of new cigarette sales?

first recruit: learning sales policy to reduce operating errors

in some new customers, the cigarette business and other commodity management no difference, as long as customers come to buy, how to sell. Sales measures and methods that people want to come out, the key to how the results of sales people. However, before to decide the measure, retail customers must first learn about the cigarette business policy and knowledge, such as what are the provisions of the national sales of tobacco products, what are the things we can do, what not to do; where is a brand of cigarette production, how to taste, how to reflect the market; need to pay attention to what cigarette business matters; how the area economic conditions, consumer grade; cigarette how to storage, storage, etc..

only on cigarette sales policy and related knowledge, master, come up with sales to make feasible sales measures to science, otherwise, not only do not increase sales, sales volume, but also bring unexpected losses for themselves, and may even be a violation to the law.

learn more and pay attention to cigarette sales policy knowledge, can reduce operating errors, reduce business risk. Therefore, I hope the retail customers in the operation, and more from the network, the press, the tobacco sector marketing staff to learn some of the laws and regulations related to cigarette retail business knowledge.

second strokes: market demand choice of marketable brand

new customers in the brand choice is a lack of experience, the biggest reason is that the market demand can not be well grasped, such as the jurisdiction of the population, the number of smokers, consumer grade, consumer preferences, etc.. Only to master these new customers, in order to choose the right of marketable brand, also can promote the sales of cigarettes on the flat. The market is changing, consumer demand is diversified. New customers in the choice of brands, must seriously consider the surrounding economic environment and consumer preferences, because it largely determines whether the cigarette marketable.

brand choice and brand nurturing for new customers

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