80 guy missed the college entrance examination harvest career

college entrance examination is very important for the students, but this does not mean that missed the entrance of our life there is no hope. College entrance examination that day no special impression, as if in the work or sleep, anyway, not in the examination room. His staff were older than he was, and they had to accept the fact that he was a young boy who had never attended a college entrance examination in 1987.

Wu Xinzhe debut early. When the primary school grade two on the computer, then it belongs to the "386 times", he played a single game on the computer. Wu Xinzhe remember playing a game called command and conquer. When he was in grade four, he pulled up the phone line at home and started surfing the internet. And then do not know what to do with the enthusiasm to do this thing.

When the

in support of his father, the second half, he started a company in his hometown of Qingyuan County, called "Qingyuan free online network technology Co. ltd.". The company keeps on, like his school. The third to help enterprises website, every one can earn twenty thousand to forty thousand yuan.

"junior high school will not want to read, a former senior high school entrance examination near months without reading on the Internet to get very late."

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