Do Taiwan triangle snack business can make money

said the current market is undoubtedly the snack of entrepreneurship, there is a very big business space, therefore, as long as we find the real popular snacks business projects, to create their own probability will be very large wealth of life. So, do Taiwan triangle snack business can make money? Such an opportunity is reliable?

project introduction

Taiwan is burning from traditional snacks in Taiwan Delta, Taiwan red bean cake evolved, with the Golden Triangle burning triangle shape, the crust crisp soft, which contains red beans, taro, cream, etc. every kind of fruit taste rich stuffing, crisp skin filling full, delicious and inexpensive. Triangle this project from Taiwan crispy snack burning burning is the use of Taiwan theme, master hand low temperature boiled milk paste, no oil smoke and baked. Triangular appearance, milk wrapped in a variety of skin inside the filling, the appearance of creative.

project advantage

1. quality ingredients, good skin with good stuffing.

triangle burn natural healthy ingredients produced by natural calcium powder, fine flour, sugar, made crispy triangular percutaneous mold processing; stuffing with low temperature processing, excluding oil, ensure the nutrients preservation of raw materials, to ensure the healthy. Triangle milk crust wrapped stuffing every kind of, the use of high-quality special milk sauce and fresh ingredients, do not add any preservatives, pigment, cream. A taste of each triangle burn are a blend of exquisite workmanship and unique taste, creative, golden and crisp, fragrant and thick milk.

2. uses advanced technology and unique material package.

Intermediate frequency heating process

Taiwan delta project introduction of energy saving and environmental protection in the burning of snacks in the making, the triangle can burn better in the process of preserving color, aroma and taste, the total company will be more advanced production technology and characteristics of Taiwan taste combination, bold innovation, more than 20 kinds of flavor snacks burning triangle series products, powder and paste and other core materials from headquarters secret special, not only the market can not buy, others can not follow, so as to ensure the core competitiveness of the project. At the same time, heating technology for investors to reduce costs, improve revenue.

market analysis

triangle snack items popular consumer standards, civilians, with a unique way of cooking, and its high cost to earn the consumer market. Fast food snacks in line with the modern high-efficiency dining habits, generally in the commercial street, walking street, around the square, residential areas, schools and other areas with high population density can be set up shop. At present, the triangle has been successfully set up a number of snack food stores, market operations and more successful cases, the new franchisee simply copy the successful experience can be, the project is mature, low risk.


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