66 foreign students to settle in Suzhou entrepreneurs

students group is an important part of the current young entrepreneurs. At present, foreign students have been in China’s entrepreneurial projects everywhere, in which, Suzhou has become a leader, attracting many foreign students innovation and entrepreneurship.

29 years old and the British in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, is now a graduate student in Melbourne University, majoring in chemical engineering, graduate in April next year. Yesterday, he brought a multifunctional air purification nano material design, synthesis and application of the project. "Our team has 10 students, after four years of efforts, has developed a variety of nano" deformation "super microporous materials, toxic and harmful gases adsorption in the air after the occurrence of deformation of supramolecular structure of the adsorbent can be firmly fixed ‘lock’ harmful gas, and avoid the pollution two."

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