Qinhuangdao introduction of entrepreneurship and employment support special action

now the white-collar life is bitter, doing the hard work, with not high wages. Therefore, more workers think entrepreneurship. Qinhuangdao has a special solution of the difficulties workers help poverty employment support work.

to implement precise helping, strengthen the "blood type" support, help workers, unemployed workers, migrant workers realize the difficulties caused by the difficulties of employment, the day before, the Qinhuangdao Municipal Federation of trade unions issued "employment to support the implementation of the special action plan", from this year to 2018, with three years of time, with special action as the starting point power, the difficulties workers solution of poverty.

the City venture support way is mainly divided into two kinds: interest free loans. The interest free loan way of delivery, as the start of the project and working capital, each project is generally less than 50 thousand yuan, a period of 3 years or less, due in full return of the loan principal; production data support materials.

required for small amount of funds, the production material is suitable for the unified purchase and simple business projects, by the following municipal union proposed to support production project, through public bidding procurement, provincial and municipal trade union direct payment by the production information provided to help, do not need to repay.

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