See ENJAR how to lead the second half of the dining O2O

China catering o2o new situation in the development of leading the new trend of development of food and beverage, as food takeaway market gains are we could feel the o2o of the early stage of development, in order to seize the food takeaway brother dragon throne, the U.S. group and hungry war fought bitterly, now just to quell the war because the second half just war start.

China catering O2O market from the beginning of the burn subsidies C end users through the war, "the first half circle of users" barbaric growth; the second half has now entered the deep end of the B, the competition is service and technology. The second half is not just stay at the end of the marketing, do a small piece of the transaction, but really able to use the Internet, with IT to enhance the efficiency of the entire industry. That is the B side is the second half of the final.

ENJAR led the second half of the restaurant O2O food and beverage to build a new ecological

although the wind has been blowing to the traditional O2O industry, but the food industry is still very low level of information technology. Research data show that the end of last year, catering O2O for the overall penetration of the catering industry reached only 4.3%, which indicates that the O2O market still has a broad space for development.

9 14, ENJAR wisdom · boundless – extremely intelligent science and technology sharing ecological brand strategy conference held in Shanghai grand. Huang Sisheng, general manager of sound technology, issued a global brand —ENJAR. Based on the cloud of professional SaaS and O2O service providers – ENJAR from Taiwan, officially released the world’s new food and beverage O2O shared ecological strategic development plan.

Mitsui, head of investment capital, Hongli general manager, general manager of capital market ELO, East Asia director, executive officer of McDonald’s happy purchase, technical director, Starbucks, breadtalk, happy lemon, Huang, Dicos and other guests were said to celebrate the person.

was founded in 2008, ENJAR is committed to providing catering businesses cloud ERP, third party payment integration, O2O integration, micro mall and virtual membership card, including online and offline integration solutions.

ten years of sword, 2016, under the strong foundation of service has been successful hundreds of well-known brand chain, ENJAR once again proposed the "look far ahead from a high plane of strategic development planning new food O2O sharing ecology".

in the next stage, will be dedicated to the Internet service and intelligent system opened up across the board, the construction of ecological system of the rich, together with all hardware and service vendors to provide more intelligent services for the catering business, catering service expansion value, create a new business ecosystem.

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