Tobacco operators should be good at using clever

this year’s shop business is good to do? I think the hearts of every operator should have a scale, after all, now the competition is more and more intense in various industries, but also more transparent profit, want to make money is really more and more difficult. But in this article, Xiaobian want to explain to you, tobacco business, often do not necessarily need to use much effort, but also need to be good at using the power.

Olympic athlete Fu Yuanhui "I ran out of the universe", has become the current hot words. Look at the moment of the tobacco economy and development, as the tobacco of you and me, "the power" run out? Do you work hard? Is a heart or drift, is the heart or twelve distraction, should be worth considering! Did you spell it in the market? Have you tried your best? Look at this one question, as the tobacco retail terminal operators, I feel ashamed. Because I feel that I just stick in the daily operation, and operation, day in and day out, do not exhaust the field force ah,

in the face of the first half of this year than the same period last year the trend of cigarette business, not actively looking for ways to increase cigarette sales, but complain, in fact, heave great sighs, as long as our efforts, there are still a lot of potential income, as General Secretary Xi told it: "it is much more difficult than!"

yesterday in the store to watch the TV play, suddenly inspired my thinking, it was really a big hole! I saw on TV a chest hung a box boy filled with a cigarette, selling cigarettes to pedestrians on the street, I thought, now the evening to the leisure square Liu Wan, exercise especially, if I like the speech on TV, a smoke box, hanging on my meal after work to go to the square when his walk, to sell tobacco to the square, also is convenient for smokers, but also can increase a considerable income, but also forced to exercise my body.

I’m looking at one night, if sold 30 boxes of cigarettes, can achieve a turnover of about 300 yuan, equivalent to half of the turnover in the shop my wife ah, this is how much income ah. Years ago, people can do things, we can not do it. I think, this approach can be extended in the tobacco industry, very easy, do not have to do the power, as long as a little point kunugi on it! Of course, when the flow of opium, must carry the tobacco business license copy (portable), why? You’ll see。

Even if you

in the shop is how anxious, constantly changing the display shop products, constantly shouting, many effects are not ideal, but if you can use kunugi, product sales will increase more easily. So, if you want to do a good job in tobacco management, but also need to be good at using the force oh.

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