Online shopping era how to get the old customer recognition

it used to be a hard time for a store to train an old customer, although it took some effort. And once the success of the training, the long-term nature of the store will also be of great help. However, in the current era of an online shopping, if you want to do the old store business customers, naturally need to take relevant strategies. So, the era of online shopping, how to get the old customer recognition?

first, organize information

will operate the store for many years to buy our products, the old customer information for a comprehensive collection and collation. You hurry up, put the sealed dust cover has years of sales lists, customer information register (of course, may be a lot of store these things all find out, already disappear without a trace) from different areas, different time, different types of products to buy buy, one by one classification, after making old customer marketing plan to different according to different area purchase time, targeted to carry out marketing activities.

second, SMS interactive

if you buy our product owners as our fans, we must not forget the interaction with the fans, but the fans store is different from the Internet business, but because we have more detailed information of the owners, so we can have interactive feelings more investment. For example: we can use text messaging to share product skills in dealing with the common problems of this kind of information, we can also send messages in the traditional holiday blessing, if we know the owner’s birthday, or SMS blessing Happy birthday, we have what promotions for the old customer service activities such as text messages to inform are. This interaction can let old customers feel, we are always concerned about them, rather than purely trading relationship, money is never in contact with each other, so they will be grateful.

third, telephone visit

According to the above

we have sorted out the information, the telephone began to ask the old customer service, customers use our products to have what conditions, there is no fault, not satisfied with what the place and so on. In fact, many owners to buy after the product, not what the use of the process, generally do not care too much, for example, there are only 10 light a lantern, 4 of which were not bright; for example, a toilet bowl water tank is Water Leakage, but does not affect the normal use; such as paint on the walls is some dirty child painting; another example of a door switch cabinets are not convenient and so on these problems, almost each of the owners are likely to encounter, but they generally do not care too much, unless the problem is relatively serious, but sometimes for such a little thing that trouble, so just to store an opportunity to care for old customers, call back the past must let the owners heart, this is.

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