What certificates are needed to open a fast food restaurant

why shop business, this is a lot of young entrepreneurs should be good to ask their own questions, because of money? Or because of their own interest, or because they think the project momentum is good, want to get busy, no matter how, as long as you open your entrepreneurial path please adhere to the teeth to go to the end. Fast food restaurant is one of the most profitable projects. For the first time a friend who would like to know what to open fast food restaurants need to answer the question, and with the small series together to see it!

five documents:

1, for health license


fire environmental approvals

3, industrial and commercial business license

4, code card

5, national tax registration certificate.

general procedures have to do all the words of the fee is 600 dollars almost, if you find a proxy card if you want to see how you negotiate with it. Investment in the operation of the removal of the shop rent about 2-3 million on the almost. Lot is not the same price but multiply.

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