Select small investment venture projects need to comply with the rules

now society, small business become rich way, many people get rich at the same time, there are a lot of people have this small entrepreneurial wealth idea, do I still operators should grasp the opportunities to get rich through entrepreneurship.

now choose a small venture project of many people, small business investment project risk, quick return, so, how to choose the project can make money in small business investment projects the? According to the three point selection can help you choose the appropriate small venture project. Select the three rules of small investment project management:

1, small investment projects integrity management. Maybe not rape, but I always feel that life is to do business. Integrity is the business of this, only warm hospitality services, reasonable prices, coupled with good faith, in order to win repeat customers. On this basis, the completion of capital accumulation, the accumulation of experience and accumulation of integrity and entrepreneurial ideas constantly updated, any additional investment, expand the scale of operation, the beginning of the second entrepreneurs in the premise of maturity, or through the mode of development and expansion of snowball ".

2, small investment entrepreneurial projects must choose the industry. The ancients have cloud: male fear of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang. The potential of the industry to have investment prospects. Of course, you can choose the kind of industry is currently very fire. You feel like you can do it, and then you get a ride. This is also possible. As long as reasonable and lawful, money is king. The author in the cosmetic industry are also considered for a few years, as long as the general understanding of some of the people all know this industry profits, but the competition is relatively large, investors can consider joining the type of cosmetics.

3, a small business investment projects must be selected for the champion! Chosen industry, do not rush to the shop. To choose a good leader of thousands on thousands of! The lesson of blood! The general study has the following points: 1, the website is not normal; 2,? There is no patent authorization, business license, tax registration or something? Must see things now! 3, the franchise has 4 enterprises, how much? How long do in this industry? How much profit rate is 5, 6, there is no physical store?? 7 products, first try, feel OK? 8, finally enterprises themselves have no factories? Clarify these questions, this is not reliable.

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