Open education institutions to join what procedures

many people are optimistic about the market early, but very understanding of the early education institutions to join the open procedures are not, so everyone in the hair, do early education institutions need to join what procedures? The following small series to introduce investors.

offering early childhood franchisees in the specific needs of what procedures need to type you run, if education is going to join the early education institutions, the Department of education or education for school license " "; if it is occupation training development franchise organizations, to the Bureau of labor for "school license". Run the "school license", and then to the civil authority for the "registration office with non enterprise certificate", and then you can start to carry out the work of enrollment engraved seal, but also run to the Bureau, to complete the "license fee" and "charge card", and then to the Department for Industry and commerce "business license", go to the tax registration certificate and tax department.

1, investigate the market, choose the brand strength, headquarters to apply and consult the relevant information to the brand early to join;

2, according to the actual situation to the brand early joined the agency’s headquarters to submit relevant information, determine the preliminary cooperation mode;

3, the headquarters will be eligible to join the qualification review;

4, the audit will be able to sign a contract with the headquarters, the headquarters will be authorized to join;

5, pay the money, according to the specific situation of cooperation, headquarters to pay the corresponding payment of products to join

brand development;

6, preliminary preparation, preliminary investigation of the local market, recruitment and the formation of staff;

7, head office training, training of relevant technical knowledge, market operation and management;

8, market operations, develop market development programs, improve marketing programs to achieve a win-win situation.

early to join the market hot, a lot of people are on this line, early franchisees have a certain threshold, need to go through the relevant formalities. Above is the early education institutions to join the office procedures and open early to join the organization process, for reference only.


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