The United States of America’s financial burden on the entrepreneurial market continues to reduce th

domestic business market is cheerful, all walks of life are showing how All flowers bloom together. situation, entrepreneurial market abroad? Now and Xiaobian together to look at the U.S. entrepreneurial market situation.

even included population aging factors, the U.S. Labor Department recently released the first quarter of last year is still continuation of the downward trend of young entrepreneurs. The Brookings Institution economist Litan is expected, because young people are looking for work, believe that this year the number of young entrepreneurs will not increase substantially.

analysis refers to the reasons for this trend, after the financial tsunami may be difficult to obtain the necessary business capital or credit, and the young people themselves also face greater financial burden, they are difficult to obtain experience and skills at work may also be one of the reasons; another study found that a new generation of young people a fear of failure.

the success of entrepreneurship are entrepreneurial norm, American venture industry in the trough, the young people because of pressure to try to start, this is not conducive to the development of the venture industry, believe that United States will soon take the corresponding measures to change this situation.



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