Korean food is how to enter the Chinese market

on foreign cultural infiltration Chinese most is a country which, it is South Korea, South Korean popular culture in Chinese public life into the deepest from blowing to China Hallyu just now casually into the shops are heard playing Korean songs. From food and clothing to drama, music, cosmetics, Barbara is 360 degrees around the penetration! Korean beauty, handsome, only rely on luxury feast and traditional old-fashioned love story, captured about one billion Chinese eye. The South Korean Hallyu phenomenon and music of Korean popular culture and frequent contact and the formation of South Korean popular culture brought the popularity and reputation of Chinese. Among them, the South Korean cosmetics and food for the public is well known, only by virtue of the local cosmetics and food will be able to catch up with, the quality of the people more sure.

why Korean food is popular in South Korea’s traditional food is what kind of


study of Korean traditional food is not difficult to find popular delicacy join, South Korea and Japan, the Chinese a narrow strip of water in the diet of life, showing a lot of caused by historical and cultural exchanges in the past frequently in common. Later, the development of different gradually so far, each with different characteristics.

agricultural society of Korea will clear the staple food and non-staple food, meal contains various dishes and staple food with the. Koreans in meat and fish, vegetables, seafood such as raw materials with traditional spices, plus a variety of conditioning methods, create a variety of Korean cuisine.

a few years ago, "you come from the stars" and "heirs" and this year’s "Sun seed" and other Korean dramas in the Chinese harvest high popularity, set off a new wave of Korean, South Korea China market demand for consumer goods. With the influx of Korean, Korean food, also with a good quality across the land of China, many Chinese people have to follow.

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