Need to be updated after commodity positioning

no matter what kind of business we operate, since want to do, we will need to have a clear positioning, so as to promote the development of a more focused business, make their business can be more popular. However, the shop also need to update the product positioning ability of goods, if customers are mainly young people, to make them feel immutable and frozen products left behind, and if it is repeated every day to a high proportion of the elderly, but also prone to boredom.

so the shop needs to keep the freshness of the product, through the elimination of old products to increase new products, so that customers keep shopping fun. Long time not sell the goods to do promotional or shelf, timely elimination of outdated products, and focus on customer needs, make product development plan, actively looking for new products, regular change to adjust the display of goods can also let the old change new, fresh feeling to the customer shopping. The ability to update the product, can increase the competitiveness of the goods, and guide the consumer demand, the formation of a unique store merchandise positioning.

is the last and most critical point in the introduction of goods to customers must be clear and accurate. The same, talk ambiguously gives customers puzzled to the commodity, nature cannot have the desire to buy, what kind of goods to meet the needs of target customers, to locate the goods.

Although the

for any shop business, clear positioning will be very important, after all, the product positioning will directly affect the merits of the store business is good or bad, and store image in the minds of customers. The owner can not be vague understanding of their goods, accurate and clear positioning is the quality of the business must have a store. However, even if the location has been clear, in the store continues to develop, the changing process of the times, the positioning of the goods need to be updated.

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