Maintain the details of the old customers

because it takes more time and money to develop a new customer, so almost any business will pay great attention to the old customers. After all, for businesses, the old customer is our precious wealth, is the lifeline of survival and development of the supermarket. As the saying goes: the development of ten new customers, it is better to maintain an old customer. Visible, old customers for our retail business is how important. Therefore, the maintenance of good old customers is the retail homework. So, in the daily operation of how to maintain good old customers? I do this:

first, the establishment of old customer files. The frequented the old customer, I give them to set up files, including customer name, home address, telephone, and old customers interested in hobbies, birthday and other information, so that the old customers and their families by chest.

two, shopping preferences for old customers. Those who register in the shop in the archives for old customers, regardless of its or his family, usually coming to the shop will be 5% off discount, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other major festivals to the store will be ten percent off discount.

three, regular visits to the old customers. Every month I have personally visited by telephone, SMS or the way to return to the old customer. Through a return visit, timely adjustment of the structure of the purchase of goods, the quality of goods more stringent checks, as well as the customer is not satisfied with the place to be corrected, etc..

a lot of work is actually a detail of the work, as long as the relevant details, which will be of great help to the development of the store business. However, after all, the details determine success or failure. Through the small details of life, so that the old customers aware of our business to their attention and attention, and thus become our loyal customers.

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