Bamboo flooring ten brands list

on the basis of a variety of traditional wood flooring, bamboo flooring began to be a large area of research and development, as a result of better quality, more environmentally friendly, thus greatly loved by consumers. The bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration materials, it is a natural high quality bamboo as raw material, through two processes, from bamboo pulp juice with high temperature and high pressure to fight pressure, through the layers of paint, the infrared drying and.

floor is Home Furnishing decoration is an important part of, whether it is the appearance of the bamboo floor quiet and delicate color or itself brings tactile enjoyment, is very suitable for Home Furnishing life Home Furnishing decoration, gives a fresh feeling, it is elastic, good stability, it is suitable for people of all ages. The beautiful and delicate appearance of the bamboo floor color for home decoration, is simply a visual feast. So how to choose bamboo flooring? With the small series together to look at the top ten bamboo flooring brands list.

bamboo flooring ten brand list: NO.1 Chunhongzhu floor CHOHO

began in 1996, Jiangxi Province, well-known trademarks, brand-name products in Jiangxi Province, bamboo floor ten brands, Chinese building materials quality trustworthy brand, Jiangxi Feiyu Bamboo Industry Group Co. ltd..

bamboo flooring ten brands list NO.2: Bamboo Tao

bamboo flooring ten brands, Jiangxi famous brand, Jiangxi famous brand, famous in the elegant natural bamboo flooring industry, products exported to the world, Jiangxi Songtao Bamboo Industry Co. ltd..

bamboo flooring ten brands list NO.3: Chang Chang SINOHCON

Jiangxi famous brand, famous brand in Jiangxi Province, bamboo floor ten brand, the provincial forestry well-known enterprises in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Huachang Bamboo Products Group Co. ltd..

bamboo flooring ten brands list NO.4: Tengda River

was founded in 1973, Jiangxi province famous brand products, Jiangxi province famous brand, Jiangxi Province Bamboo Industry Association vice president of units, Tengda Bamboo Wood Co., ltd..

bamboo flooring ten brand list: NO.5 PowerDekor


floor ten brands, domestic earlier introduction of laminate flooring enterprises, wood Home Furnishing leading brands to the floor as the core, power Dekor Group Co. ltd..

bamboo flooring ten brands list NO.6: Mountain Friends floor

specializes in the research and production of high quality bamboo flooring / bamboo furniture materials >

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