Xining to build and expand market space nternet plus characteristics of industrial system

Next, a pure electric bus line, from production to, to operating a passenger, which has many links may happen around us, because of efforts to build the equipment manufacturing industry in Xining, has been to "Internet plus" and the combination of industry, expand the market space.

this year until 2018, Xining will seize the "Internet plus" opportunities, pay close attention to the development of application of tracking data, cloud computing, networking, network Crowdsourcing, Internet business model, and actively develop new industries and new formats. Focus on the development of mobile Internet plus industry, encourage enterprises to increase the use of mobile Internet technology, network hardware and software modules in industrial products, realize the automatic acquisition and analysis functions such as remote control, user data, improve the use of industrial product experience.

the development of "cloud + industry", encouraging enterprises to use cloud computing technology to achieve interoperability of industrial products, produce synergy value. The development of "Internet + industry", encourage enterprises to use networking technology, to build a network of physical equipment system (CPS), promote the production equipment, automatic exchange of information between the trigger action and control, accelerate the optimization and allocation of production resources. Development of crowdsourcing Network + industry, to encourage enterprises to build a "create a guest" platform, link innovation innovation capacity and innovation needs of industrial enterprises, research and development innovation needs to publish and expand the source of creativity. Development of the Internet business model + industry, encourage enterprises to support industrial products access to the Internet, and provide services to achieve service-oriented manufacturing".

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