Xining to Qingdao train will be changed to shorten the running time of 3 hours and 26 minutes

December 28th onwards, Xining West to Qingdao line trains replaced by a fast train express train, running time will be shortened 3 hours and 26 minutes.

reporter learned yesterday from the Qinghai Tibet railway company, Xining West to Qingdao K174/1 train, will be changed to T374/1 times. Departure time from the Xining West Railway Station by the current rectification of 9 points to 22:55; arrived at the QingDao Railway Station by the time 19:30 to 6:16. The station stops along the way will increase Weinan, Huashan two stations; 4 stations will be canceled in Xianyang, Yanzhou, Xiayi County, Huang kou.

Qingdao to Xining West K172/3 train will change to T372/3, from the time of departure from QingDao Railway Station now 14 points 4 points to 12:50; the time arrived at the Xining West Railway Station from 22 points to 2 points to 17:21 now. The station stops along the way will increase, Jiaozhou, Teng Lancun 3 station; Dangshan, Sanmenxia will be canceled, Tongguan, Weinan, Lingbao, Xianyang 6 stations. (author: Ni Xiaoying)


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